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Client of the Month - Eric Ketchum

Aug 16, 2016

Eric has been a committed client of Fitness Together for over 2 years now. Eric has struggled with various health issues ever since he was a child but it didn’t stop him from pulling the trigger and joining Fitness Together to change his life. Ever since joining FT, Eric has pulled a complete 180 degree turn on his lifestyle. He has his meals prepared throughout the week and is actively exercising FIVE days per week between his personal training sessions and cardio sessions. Read below to see how he has been able to change his life for the better!

When I started at Fitness Together I was in a bad way. My life and health were headed down a dangerous path with a near certain heart attack waiting quietly in the wings and a lifetime of asthma causing regular breathing issues. These were some of my first real tangible goals at FT; get my weight down to help with my cholesterol and blood pressure and hopefully reduce the regularity of my asthma. And sure enough, each week I would see a change, maybe not drastically but there was something. Everyone at FT really helped me achieve that goal. Everyone, clients and trainers, are always supportive of each other. It became easier and easier to come in and workout. Eventually and really without realizing the existent, I had achieved those initial goals and even more it had become a habit that I found I wanted to be a part of each and every day. No one is going to be prefect. Sean will agree I have a hard time with my nutrition; I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables and way too much peanut butter, but I do feel that it comes down to slow and steady changes to old habits and forming new habits which really lead to the best success. And it is here where I think the trainers at FT really excel. The trainers can help re-enforce those habits in a way that makes it feel much more natural and comfortable and less like a burden. They are also amazing on those days when you just don’t show up at your best or even ready to work, they will motivate you every time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Making Excuses burns Zero calories per hour.
  • Sweat is just Fat crying.
  • In all seriousness, set small goals with that big dream goal and be willing to reassess after each small achievement. Achievement helps fuel that habit cycle and you are more likely to keep pushing toward that big goal.


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