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Cardio Training Accountability

Mar 2, 2012

Since a lot of us are now technology “gurus”, I thought it would be great to talk about a APP that many of our clients are using to keep themselves more accountable in their cardiovascular training. This APP is called Nike GPS! It has many features that I applaud and our clients have fallen in love with! Such features as the couch to 5k workout, goal setting, weekly, monthly and daily challenges have kept our clients striving to be in better shape. It also has allowed me to be friends with them on the website and watch the amount of progression they are doing and push them. All you really need is a smart phone and arm band and you are ready to hit the road or even the treadmill to your weight loss goals. So, if you are looking for that extra push and need some more accountability this APP can truly help you and I recommend it! Remember, this should only be a part of your training as you need to do incorporate some form of strength training to change your body's composition (and that is where we fit in at Fitness Together). With these two resources the accelerated results are just around the bin! So good luck and get moving.


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