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Burn Fat not just Calories

Nov 29, 2011

When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady doesn’t win the race, it actually loses it for you. What we mean by this is that a cardio workout that is more about how much time has eclipsed instead of intensity has just wasted YOUR time! To make your workouts and results more accelerated it is time you use the word “accelerate” in them. According to American research published in the journal 'Obesity,' men and women who did 300 hours of cardio over the course of a year lost an average of only 5 pounds," Craig Ballantyne, owner of, said. "That's 60 hours of cardio to lose one pound!" The main reason they only lost 5 pounds on average is that the intensity of the cardio exercise was something their body adapted to and no longer give them a push. We challenge you here at Fitness Together to incorporate some moderate to intense sprints into your cardio routine to allow your body to burn the most calories it can! This can be done my speeding up on the modality you use or even up the resistance to push your body for the next couple of minutes. The short intense bouts should be something that your body can only do for a couple of minutes and you should have trouble trying to talk while doing it. If you are able to sit and chat while working out, you just are not doing enough to burn that fat you want. Remember, you don’t need to be on a piece of cardio equipment for an hour to burn fat and lose weight but rather half that time with a more intense session that leaves you tired but feeling that you achieved something. Furthermore, listen to your body. If you are having trouble breathing, and your rate of perceived exertion is close to 8 or 10(ten being the hardest thing you have ever done) then you have finally found an intensity that will shed the fat and burn the calories you need to see your weight loss and body composition changes! So, if you are at the gym for more than an hour it is time for you to up the ante and toss in some intervals! I think most of our clients are happy with the 45 minutes sessions because they get in and get out with a workout that leaves them feeling accomplished. Now it is your turn to the same! GOOD LUCK and GET AT IT!


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