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BBQ is it right for you?

Jul 14, 2014

Summer is a season to celebrate with friends and family in the outdoors. During this time, barbecues are everywhere and options are endless. A weekend barbecue can easily turn into regretful choices and bloating for days after. In order to survive the harsh world of barbecues, it’s wise to be mentally prepared for the right choices or make your own healthier options!

Not everyone’s idea of a great barbeque consists of salads and healthy meat choices. This is when it’s important to know what foods have hidden dangers. Potato salads, coleslaw, hot dogs and hamburgers can all be fattening choices. However they don’t have to be! Choose whole wheat options when you can or even better, opt out of bread altogether. Remember, cheese is not a necessity. Not every item needs to be accompanied by mayonnaise. And remember, that beer you’re washing your food down with should be consumed in moderation to avoid excessive overeating and sidetracking your fitness.

Grilling out at home is a rewarding experience. Loading your grill with vegetables drizzled in olive oil is an excellent way to pack yourself with healthy nutrients in a tasty, filling way. Grilled vegetables become juicy and flavorful side dishes. Not all grilling sessions have to be about your typical hot dog and hamburger. Try making your own marinade for fish like salmon or choose a better cut of meat like sirloin steak. When making health conscious choices at barbeques, waking up the next day is much more enjoyable and you’ll notice physically vegetables and healthy meat have helped rather than hinder you on your fitness goals.


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