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5 Ways that PLAY can Change your Children's Day from the CDC

Feb 7, 2012

February is National Heart Health Month and it is no better time to think about how you can get the child of yours more active! It is not a secret anymore that our children are more heavier than they ever have been and most of that relys on the parent's shoulders. So what we have done for you, thanks to the CDC, is list five ways that active Play(outside sports, exercise or just letting your children use their imagination) can change your children's day! Enjoy!!
Sleep tight: Being physically active will help you improve your sleep.
**Fun Fact: Your body and your brain communicate constantly. By being physically active during the day your body can send the “I am tired” message instead of the “I am still awake” message when you are going to bed.
Improve your mood: Physical activity can give you a better attitude and give you an extra energy boost during the day.
**Fun Fact: Drinking a caffeinated beverage (like coffee, energy drinks or soda) does give you an energy boost, but it will wear off after only two hours and will usually leave you more tired than you were before. Exercise releases chemicals in your body that will give you an energy boost that lasts all day. So cut the calories of those energy drinks and get your body moving!
Fuel your brain: Twenty minutes of physical activity before starting your homework can help you unwind from the day and improve your concentration.
**Fun Tip: Try and schedule your workouts before you sit down to do your homework or keep a basketball or jump rope by your desk for a quick break to regain focus.
Bond with buddies: Engaging in physical activity with your friends is a great way to bond with your friends and to even make new ones.
**Fun Tip: Join a community sports team or organize your friends for an after-school game of pick-up. Not only will your workouts be more fun, but your friends will be counting on you to show up helping to make sure you don’t miss your 60 minutes.
Stretch your talent: Make stretching part of your pre- and post- workout sessions. It can help improve your balance which in turn enhances your coordination and athletic performance.
**Fun Fact: Most sports injuries can be prevented by maintaining flexibility. Ensure your time in the game and not on the bench by stretching every day.


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