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June 2023 Client of the Month

Jun 21, 2023

What was your reason for starting at Fitness Together?

There were several reasons that I started at Fitness Together - Through the pandemic, I focused on work and taking care of others to the point that I completely lost track of my self. I was stressed, not sleeping well, my back and knees hurt all the time - I felt like I was falling apart! I needed to do something that was just for me.

What Has Fitness Together helped you with most?

I'm physically stronger, and my back and knees don't hurt all the time!

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

I think my biggest improvement is actually mental - I've really benefited from having the support to push myself and improve. There are certainly days when I don't want to come in, but those are always the days that I'm SO GLAD I DID. It's wonderful to be reminded of my own strength.

How has Fitness Together helped you with your nutrition?

Nutrition is the same :)

What do you like the most about the staff or atmosphere?

I love the positive and friendly atmosphere, everyone is so supportive!

Do you have any funny or inspiring tales of Fitness Together antics?

As for inspiration, I will say this: When I came to FT, I was completely burnt out and depleted. Coming here was something that I did just for me, it reminded me that I'm stronger than I think. My sessions here are the stress relief and self care that helped me feel like myself again. I'm glad I found you all!!!


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