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Client of the Month: Adrian J

Nov 11, 2022

What was your reason for starting Fitness Together?

- I needed to make a change and take better care of my health and body.

What has Fitness Together helped you with the most?

- I am stronger and feel more confident and cozy in my body.

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

- I've really built up my muscles, and I am losing fat. I'm also eating more consciously thanks to the nutrition coaching.

How has Fitness Together helped you with your Nutrition?

- I pay more attention to my food intake and the macronutrients I take in.

What do you like the most about the staff or atmosphere?

- Everyone is so encouraging and positive. I've been intimidated by gyms and trainers in the past and have never felt that way at Fitness Together

Do you have any funny or inspiring tales of Fitness Together?

- I am determined to turn Manny into a Beyonce fan, which means a lot of our sessions are focused on Beyonce ( and The Weekend which is his favorite)


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