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Personal Training Success Stories

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Carol Pontremoli

Charlene Inferrere

Barbara W., Wayland

Dear Josh,

 Just a quick update to let you know how pleased I am with my membership to FT. It has been 12 weeks and I feel like a completely different person. Having lost nearly 20# and many (yes, many) inches, I can’t say enough about how fabulous Kurt and the rest of the training team have been at the Wayland studio---truly awesome. I am very much looking forward to the next 12 weeks (yes, I really do mean it!) as my trainer and I continue to work toward a healthier me.  Thanks for everything and kudos to having such a great team!


Jeff Baron, Wayland

After my first six weeks at FT, I saw real results! Not only did I develop a healthier pattern of eating, but my hard work in the gym left me feeling and looking noticeably better! Josh has assembled a great staff of trainers, all of whom have kept me accountable to my goals. I'm looking forward to continuing to measure my progress in the weeks and months to come.



Helen G., Wayland

Aerobics. Weights. Stretching. A complete body workout making you feel better than when you arrived at the studio. I am stronger and healthier since I started training with Dawn. She tailor makes a workout that challenges me every time - never a boring day since I started over six years ago.

Carol K, Wayland

I have been Working out at Fitness Together since the Wayland studio first opened.  The personal, intelligent, and professional attention provides a productive, pleasant experience for me every time.  The rooms are clean, and the atmosphere is conducive to working out.


In short, if I were to give Fitness Together a grade from one to ten, it is a TEN!


Good luck and good health,


Julie Anne M, Weston

FT Wayland is totally awesome.  Kevin is the best trainer ever.  Very motivational, patient, and smart about special cases, like me - I had myriad health issues, and he was very cool about keeping me going.  In addition, when I had to step out for weeks at a time due to various medical treatments, Josh and the team held my sessions for me so that I wouldn't miss out.  I am moving out of town, but I can't recommend them highly enough.

Jim Reiss, Framingham

This organization is very unique with its approach to helping one's self to live a happier and healthier life. This is much more than a personal training facility and concept. First they have all the equipment you would ever need including aerobic equipment to use before or after a session - even a very clean bathroom/shower for those who do their workout before going to work. Whether you want to use one trainer or want to try different trainers is of course a personal preference. At first, I thought I would want to "bond" with one trainer but when I couldn't see that particular trainer after a few sessions due to my schedule, I tried a different one, then another and another. Came to find that each trainer is incredibly qualified, upbeat, and has a unique style but within the confines of your workout regimen which is documented for each session in their systems - it gave me variety and made it even more enjoyable. Another area that sets them apart is that they give you a workout routine which is easily doable at home with little to no equipment if you are so motivated (many of us though cannot maintain that motivation which is why they really are needed to maintain a routine). As an added bonus, they provide a nutritionist who can advise you and help you eat the things you like but in a more health conscious way - they provide articles and even provide a mobile app which the nutritionist can follow what you're consuming and provide feedback for you. This organization located in Sudbury and Wayland is truly a unique and amazing organization. Fitness Together is a franchise so this review is specific to these two locations (because not every franchisee is the same).

Wally Rich, Natick

About two and a half years ago I joined Fitness Together.  I never could commit to an exercise routine.  At Fitness Together I went to regular appointments and discovered that this commitment, along with targeted exercises, employing the right techniques, and having a planned regimen have helped me immensely.  I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.  Thank you Dawn and Fitness Together.  I am hooked!


Janet F, Wayland

My husband knew I wanted to start exercising so he gave me a gift certificate to Fitness Together to try it and see if it was what I wanted in an exercise program.  I went to my 3 "gift certificate sessions" and was sold. Josh and the entire staff are amazing.  They are certified instructors and truly know what they are doing. I work with Maria who is terriffic and makes working out as fun as it can be (I actually don't really like exercising!), but all the instructors are excellent.   I have a back problem so Josh, with my permission, contacted my doctor so that they could make sure  my workout program would only help not hurt my back.  FT is worth every penny

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