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Personal Training

Get in shape with Fitness Together Ellicott City

No gimmicks, no overnight promises. Just plenty of real results.

If gimmicks and fad diets worked, you’d see a lot more people in much better shape. The fact is, getting fit takes time, skill and focus.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, we produce real results from one simple formula: one client, one trainer and one goal. With our customized fitness and nutrition programs and the help of your own certified personal trainer, you’ll be taking the right steps to reaching your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your health, our professional personal trainers can help you make it happen.


Congratulations to Joan Schnorf on her profile in The Baltimore Sun!! 


Read the article here.


Congratulations to Duanita Norman on obtaining her Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) certification!!!  


The Saturday trainer rotation schedule for July is as follows:

  • September 6    - Duanita
  • September 13  -  Felicia
  • September 20  - Brad
  • September 27  - Mark


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