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Your Complete Fitness Solution


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Ever wonder why killing yourself in the weight room, buying the latest greatest diet book, or waking up early to get your morning run in may help you feel like you're getting in better shape - but still falls short?

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That’s because you need the right strength, cardio and nutrition approaches all working together. Our proprietary systems work in harmony, utilizing the most current science for a complete fitness solution:

Aspire 8 resistance training program utilizes personal assessments, functional cross-muscular training approaches, and periodization techniques to change things up for continued results.*

Cardio Together offers a customized cardio prescription that combines fartlek, interval, and tempo workouts with a focus on exercise frequency, intensity, duration and progression to achieve maximum results.*

Nutrition Together offers an educational and accountability framework to improve your eating lifestyle. By eating the right foods, the right portions and the right frequency, along with our other programs the results are truly amazing.*

*not all programs are available at all locations



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Jul 16

Cauliflower Pizza
Who doesn't love pizza? But now you can get your pizza fix with a creative and healthy spin a lot more often. With a hefty dose of veggies you won't feel any guilt biting into a slice. You can get all the deliciousness of the toppings and sauce...

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Jul 16

Egg Pucks or Mini-Frittatas
Easy and quick option for a healthy snack or breakfast on the go. These mini-frittatas or egg pucks as we like to call them are super delicious and can be whipped up just the way you like them in no time. You can even serve them as a healthy choice...

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Jul 16

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

A creamy tasty pudding that is chock-full of nutritious ingredients. The creamy texture of this snack/dessert is largely attributable to the delicious avocado. Making it delicious and nutritious! Enjoy

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Jun 27

Mashed Faux-Tatoes
A Very Special Thanks To Client Kim Killelea for Sharing This Tasty RecipeYour guests will probably never know that these rich mashed potatoes contain no potatoes at all. They are made from cauliflower. A great low-carb alternative. Enjoy! ...

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