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Personal Training Partners

A listing of local business partnerships around the Westford studio.

Fist Fitness

We at Fist Fitness use the sweet science of Boxing offering a practical approach to fitness in a safe and enjoyable environment.Classes are based on authentic boxing training. Our roots are in training amateur and professional fighters.

Kowalik Family Chiropractic

Today’s chiropractor is well educated, professionally licensed and ready to serve you with safe and natural chiropractic care. Please explore our site, get your questions answered and begin care soon. Spinal problems rarely resolve on their own.

Nesta's Kenpo Karate & Jiu Jitsu

Nesta’s Kenpo Karate offers martial arts training for adult men & women of any age, children, law enforcement professionals, military self defense, and much more.

On The Mat Yoga

Since 2002, we have welcomed and taught students of all levels and abilities, from brand new yogis to veteran teachers. At On the Mat, we appreciate that every day is different and that every body is different. Although yoga certainly can be physically challenging, the more important challenge comes in your ability to quiet your mind. When you step onto your mat, ask yourself if you can give your practice your full attention. Everything else will be waiting for you when you step off your mat. Yoga is your time to devote yourself to YOU.

Positive Effects Hypnosis

Positive Effects Hypnosis was named aptly. Our charter is to help create positive effects in the lives of our clients. We do this through Hypnosis, NLP, and a variety of other disciplines that help with quick personal change. It is our passion to help people make personal changes in their lives, be it getting over fears, depressions, stress, or physical or emotional pain. We also love to help people excel in whatever they wish to, through performance enhancement, coaching, and goal setting at some rather deep levels of the mind. We take care and pride in what we do with and for our clients.

Volante Running

Trying to find some time to get fit, run your first 5k or PR at any distance including the marathon? Coach Chris Volante develops custom training plans for runners of all levels.

Westford Pilates

Pilates focuses on training the mind and body to work together towards overall fitness. Most traditional exercise programs focus only on strengthening the large muscle groups, ignoring the deeper and smaller stabilizing muscles. Pilates strengthens the core trunk muscles from the inside out. Through controlled and concentrated movements centered with breath awareness and dynamic spinal and abdominal stabilization, Pilates helps develop proper postural alignment along with more uniform and longer, leaner muscles.