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How to Stay Focused on Fitness During the Holidays

Dec 18, 2014

The holidays are typically a time of great temptation with all of the fun social events and delicious meals. For many, the term “holiday” means “a period of time when all discipline and fitness routines go out the window”. Instead of spending your time-off on the couch with a jar of Nutella in your face – follow these simple methods for remaining focused on your fitness during the holiday season:

Stay Connected

We all have our own sources of inspiration. If you happen to find your fitness focus by following inspiring profiles on Instagram or your favorite fitness blog – make time for this during the holidays. Visuals can help spur positive action. They will help you stay focused and remind you of your goals. Try searching hashtags on Instagram such as #fitfam #fitspo #instafitness #healthyliving.

Make a Commitment

Another way to ensure that you don’t fall off the fitness wagon is by making a commitment to participate in a fitness event shortly after your relaxation period. Consider a fitness challenge, marathon, trail run, or cycling tour. This should be an event that requires you to pay an entry fee and fill out a form – not just a “run” that you plan yourself. There needs to be a certain amount of risk and accountability involved in order to help you reach your goal.

Find a Friend

It can be difficult to focus on your fitness during the holidays when your family and friends are drinking cocktails, eating cake, and taking naps all around you. Before you go into chill-mode, find a fitness friend that can keep you accountable. Share your goals with them and check in daily to see if you met your goals and stuck to your workout program.

Keep Things Tight

This might sound rather peculiar – but instead of wearing your baggy t-shirts and pajama pants during your off time, continue wearing form fitting clothes. It can serve as a little reminder of how you feel within your body and keeps you alert of your size while you are pigging out on turkey and pie. When you begin to feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing, it can aid as a fitness reminder.

Pump Some Tunes

A great way to incorporate exercise into your holiday schedule is to blast your favorite music. As soon as you hear your favorite beats, you will be inclined to move your body. Take it to the next step by visiting a dance club, or attending a salsa evening to get your heart rate up and happy vibes flowing. If you’re not one for dancing in public – your living room will work just as well.


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