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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.


I have been a client at Fitness Together in Natick for over three years and have had the chance to work with all of the trainers there. I love going there and no matter how tired I may be going in, I look forward to feeling energized afterward. The workouts have a great balance of strength and cardio and the routine is always different. I am definitely stronger than I have ever been before and I love that feeling! I had been trying to lose just a few extra pounds with no luck, but after this year of weekly training, that extra weight is finally gone. The trainers are wonderful, there seems to be an endless variety of exercises to do and the time just flies by. It’s a great place!

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Okay…I’m a procrastinator. I have joined many health clubs in the past…those that walk you through your program on your first day and then don’t bother with you except to charge you your automatic monthly fee…those that provide the famous woman’s circuit training that never changes…clubs where you need to be “in shape” to even appear at them …etc. Trust me, I can rationalize why I shouldn’t work out …too hot, too cold, too tired, too awake!

However, over four years ago when I was approaching my mid-sixties and fully aware that exercise was what I needed in my life, I was dropping off clothing at my dry cleaner when I noticed a woman walking out of Fitness Together after her workout. I decided to investigate this training site. I found that the key word in their philosophy is “together”. Along with their knowledge of cardio and strength, they actually worked along with you! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that concept! How can I not show up, when my trainers are waiting for ME! Over the years I have worked with both Andy and Adam and they are my cheerleaders! They adjust my workout as they monitor my progress.

Their personalization has enabled me to: feel good about myself, strengthen my ability to travel and tour, lift my grandchildren without “creaking”, and assist my friend with hoisting boxes of books as she moved her library!

I certainly would highly recommend Fitness Together in Natick, for anyone who enjoys knowledgeable trainers, camaraderie, and wants to keep moving and feeling positive about themselves!


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I have been a client with Fitness Together –
Natick for over 3 years now and cannot recommend them enough. Since I started a twice per week program with FT I have dropped over 50 pounds, brought my high blood pressure under control, and gotten into my best shape since high school. The atmosphere at Fitness Together is top notch and the trainers I’ve had (particularly Roupen) have always been great. Adam and Andy are always willing to work with you on different session packages that meet your needs. Roupen, in particular, was always a great trainer for me, he does a great job mixing weight training with cardio and body weight exercises that were challenging enough to continue to move my fitness level up. The personal focus elevates Fitness Together in my mind because the workout is tailored to your needs. I highly recommend the Fitness Together – Natick team!

Tony B

Fitness Together in Natick has been an important part of my overall approach to health and well being for several years. I have been fortunate to have worked with Nolan, Peter, Roupen, Adam, Christine, and Andy during that time I have found them all to be knowledgeable, "client friendly" and focused on doing whatever they can do to help me reach my goals. Not only do they provide the stretching and flexibility workouts that I request, they also are quick to adapt to my circumstances and interests at any given time. I have every intention of continuing with FT for a long time.

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Victoria B

Natick Resident, November 2014

My Fitness Together Membership Experience - Since January, 2013

Joining the Natick Fitness Together in January of 2013 has proven to be the best "investment" decision of my life! This is NO exaggeration.

I had been a Size 8 for most of the adult life, but, shortly after turning 50, I quit smoking (March, 2003), developed hypothyroidism, endured menopause, and required a medication with the side effects of weight gain and weight retention. I had been trying to lose weight since 2004. I had tried two weight-loss programs, joined a fitness company for group exercising, and started walking daily. I needed a program because I have zero self-discipline on my own! I was quite unhappy that, in spite of all my efforts and cost, I did not lose weight.

For my 60th birthday, I had a big party, 22 adults and 8 children attending. My friend took photographs and posted them on Facebook. I was appalled by my appearance and told friends and family that I like elephants, but I don't want to look like one! I was really desperate when I received a promotional offer in the mail from the Natick Fitness Together. I decided to try the personal-trainer approach, just check it out.

I realized within days that this was going to be the answer to my prayers and we worked out the details. I work out twice a week, eight times per month. I walk about half a mile to the center of town (as I have no car) all year, having missed only one day due to weather conditions. I am very dedicated about it. I continued to consumed 1200-1500 calories per day, rarely feeling hungry. As I say, this is an "investment" in your self!!

After my doctor weaned me off a medication during the summer of 2013, I finally started losing weight (in September). As of this date (November, 2014), I have lost a total of 40 pounds!!* MY self-confidence and overall physical/emotional well-being are great! I feel wonderful and a goal-weight is now near in sight! I do not want to be a Size 8 again, just healthier, fit and happier!

I send my sincere gratitude to Anthony, who was my trainer early in 2013 (no longer with Fitness Together), and to Roupen, who has worked with me for almost a year and a half, to date, and has been very conscientious and kind.

Thank you, Fitness Together, most sincerely, for all the good this "investment" has brought to me. You have changed my life! You are all changing people's lives and all of you should be very proud of this work!

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Carol Pontremoli

Carol R

Sherborn Resident

Fitness Together/Natick is a friendly, comfortable environment where you get personal attention and high quality workouts. I started at FT/N 4 years ago after a period of poor health left me apathetic about getting myself back in condition for the ski season. Four years later, I am still a client because it is clear that Adam and Andy do a far better job challenging me than I would do for myself. The result is I am now a far better skier than I ever was even in my younger years! A nice bonus is that my body is better toned and it’s easier to find clothes that fit! For anyone who cares about getting the best results out of their exercise program, I would encourage them to contact FT Natick.*

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Tom and Maureen Reilly

Natick Residents

Having turned 50, a type II diabetic, overweight, not feeling energetic or healthy, and desperate for a Christmas gift for my wife, I stopped by the Fitness Together location in Natick in December 2012. After a brief meeting, I left with a wonderful gift for my wife and a life changing plan for both of us. Although my wife Maureen was reluctant to start right away, on 1/3/13 I had my initial evaluation / training session with Roupen. My goals were simple; lose weight, feel better physically, and improve my blood sugar and cholesterol levels that had started to reach concerning levels. Change is tough and given how out of shape I was and the many bad habits I had formed over 50+ years, the beginning of my new routine was more than a little challenging. Given my goals, I trained with Roupen 3 times a week. In addition, I was made aware of what and how much I was eating. To help guide me, I kept an on line diary of what I was eating that the staff at Fitness Together could review and comment on. Three months in, I felt better and dropped a few pounds. It wasn’t until my quarterly doctor’s appointment and lab results that the benefits truly came to light. My blood sugar and cholesterol had more than improved. My doctor was shocked. The blood sugar improved to the point that he hinted at changing/reducing my medication which he did three months later.* For the first time in a long time, I left the doctor’s office with a smile. The cost and hard work had more than paid off. Having watched how much my life had improved, Maureen could no longer stay on the side lines and she started working with Roupen in March 2013. The results for her have been amazing as well. She has dropped some weight and her 52 year old body, sore and battered from continuing to play hockey, feels better than ever. We work out with Roupen twice a week and this December it will be two years. We continue to be driven to lose weight, watch what we eat, and work hard thanks to Roupen and Adam. Roupen varies the workouts so they never get boring and he provides just the right amount of encouragement and motivation so that each session is challenging, satisfying, and fun. We look forward to many more months and years with Fitness Together. They have certainly helped us improve our lives and laugh a bit along the way.

Tom and Mo

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Success Stories

Debra Caplan


I joined FT Natick in October 2010. I was hesitant to begin exercising, as I had recently gained a lot of weight and had not been active since about 2004. I felt welcome from the beginning. I worked with a wonderful trainer, Nolan, twice a week for about 4 months. He knew how to set up a routine that was safe and effective for an extremely overweight and inactive 46- year old female. My trainer is motivating and upbeat and I was enthusiastic about my workout commitment.

I have shifted to training once a week at FT and continue twice weekly cardio outside of the studio. In the past 11 months, I have lost 40 pounds and my health has improved dramatically.*

Before FT, I was 100 pounds overweight, had sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and chronic back pain. My back no longer hurts and I can participate in so many fun activities such as the Macy's Thanksgiving parade in NYC and a recent day at Old Sturbridge Village. I even completed a 5k walkathon.*

I am now eating using suggestions from the book "whatever it is" and have really cut back on junk foods. Thank you to everyone at FT, it is a great place to improve your quality of life!

Joanne B.


I had attended a regular gym for a few years. No trainer at the gym told me that use of a heavier weight on my knees was not good form, and would not help me increase flexibility. I was also not told that a specific arm machine was not addressing my shoulder limitations. Since coming to Fitness Together, my knees are stronger, and my balance is improving. I am 78 years old and my unique physical needs are being addressed. For an adventure in being personally fit, go to Fitness Together!

Pat Kenney

Dear Josh:

I can hardly believe that it has been 4 years since I joined Fitness Together. How time flies when you are having fun. It’s because of Adam’s continued motivation, support and encouragement that I like going to FT so much. He is always there for me and for all his clients. I know that I put in the time but he does as well. I could never have gotten to the level I have without the passion he has in helping his clients reach their goals.

I have seen how much he has grown as a trainer. His level of self confidence and knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition has expanded greatly. I am so proud and honored to have been part of that. I realized early on that giving Adam my trust and to have faith in his ability would prove to be a wise decision.

Since I have met my goal weight Adam has the ability to keep me focused and challenged in order to maintain my weight and feel strong. On those few occasions that I have gained a few pounds and ready to freak out he knows how to calm my fears, ignore my neurotic behavior and put me on the right path. I could not have made it this far without his expertise.

So it is still with great admiration and respect for Adam and the entire FT-Natick staff that I say thank you for creating such a friendly and welcoming environment. I am looking forward to year five and the challenges in store.

With warmest regards,

Patricia A. Kenney

Linda S.

On December 6, 2010, I had my first session with JT. I was wearing a size
18W and not feeling healthy or good about myself. I was taking Prilosec
twice a day. But John and Adam took me under their wings and worked me
hard to get me into shape. They worked me hard -- but also understood where
I was coming from and knew how far to push me.

Today, I've lost 52 pounds, lost 16 inches off my waist, I recently had my
wedding ring sized down 3 sizes, I wear a size 8 and I feel GREAT!* (Winning
the Bodybugg in April 2011 also made a big difference in my approach to food
and "dieting.") I have changed my lifestyle, my eating habits, and my workout habits (and I no longer need Prilosec). The only downside to all of this is the clothes shopping I've needed to do -- *everything* has had to be replaced with smaller sizes (and I mean everything).

Having a personal trainer gave me the confidence I needed to get my body moving again. I like the one-on-one training and the privacy it offers - especially early on when I was ashamed of how I looked. The folks who work out at the same time I do (Pat, Michael, Tom) have become friends and we encourage each other. I look forward to seeing my trainer and my friends at FT. But make no mistake - it has been hard work! But the hard work is made easier because of my trainers and the friends I've made. Also - because I look and feel great as a result!

Linda S. - age 57, Natick

Jim Petillo

2 years ago I was at a point in my life where I knew I had to make a change. I was the typical ‘couch potato’ and had no self confidence in my appearance. The thought of joining a gym seemed like a good idea but I had no idea what to do when I got there – what equipment should I use? What type of exercise should I do and how much? Plus there was no way I would do this in front of all the other people there who knew what they were doing. Then 1 day I saw an ad on TV for Fitness Together. The one-on-one personal trainer -the private workout rooms – this was something that I thought might work but I still was hesitate. Two weeks later I received a post card in the mail from FT. I kept that card for 2 weeks before I decided to make that life changing call. I went in for interview at FT in Natick and before I left that night I signed up for my first round of training. I started going 3 times a week. Adam has been my main trainer from the start and has given me new found drive and confidence. He knows when to push me and what I’m capable of doing (even if I don’t). With Adam’s help, guidance, and encouragement I have lost a total of 30 pounds – gained 3 pounds of muscle – lost 5” off my waist – and have lowered by overall fat weight by 37%.* I can now even do push-ups which before were a joke. He has shown me that nothing is impossible and I leave after my sessions a little sore and a lot sweaty but nevertheless proud of what I’ve accomplished. I have also learned that exercise alone is not enough – nutrition plays a key role in overall fitness. If I can do this then anyone can as long as you make the commitment. The whole FT team is fantastic, friendly, and knowledgeable and most importantly, non-judgemental. The training is not easy at times but the reward outweighs the sore muscles and achy body. Make the call and go see what FT can do for you – it will change your life like it has mine.

Jim Petillo – Framingham, MA

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