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Training Tips for Future Moms

May 19, 2015

Expecting? Congrats! Having children is one of life’s real pleasures. However, if this is your first venture into parenthood be ready for some stressful times as well. Surely you’re wondering about everything you can and cannot do. Probably wracking your brain over what’s safe, and what’s not. When it comes to working out, I’m sure you have many questions.

Stop Worrying
If you're healthy, of course, you can workout. In fact, it will actually be very beneficial for you and your baby. Many experts say consistent pregnant workouts can make for an easier, shorter labor. If you’re nervous, here are some tips for your pregnant workouts.

Check with your Doctor
It goes without saying, that your safety and the safety of your baby are a priority. Talk to your doctor before working out to ensure that you and your baby are healthy enough to exercise.

Follow a Routine
A consistent routine will allow your body to maintain its natural rhythms. This will help with posture, ease body ache and could reduce the common back pain pregnant women often deal with.

Exercise Safely
If you are able to workout pregnant, have your doctor give you some tips on what types of exercises to stay away from. The best way to workout while pregnant is to utilize the expertise of a personal trainer. A trainer will not only help you craft a workout best for you and baby, but also provides a helping hand and safety net to ensure nothing goes wrong. Doing wrong exercises can endanger you and your baby. A few safe activities you can try are dancing, Pilates, yoga, swimming, biking and low-impact aerobics.

Drink Plenty of Water
You should always drink water when working out. It’s especially important to drink extra water when you are pregnant and working out. Keep yourself well hydrated and monitor your body temperature. Overheating can be very unsafe.

Warm Up and Cool Down
Give your muscles and joints time to get loose before your workout. Likewise, you’ll want to allow time to cool down. The last thing you want when you are pregnant is for your muscles to be tight.

Working out while pregnant can be very beneficial. It’s important to understand what’s safe and what’s not. Ask your doctor and talk to a personal trainer to get a pregnant workout routine that works for you. A personal trainer from Fitness Together will design a workout routine that is safe and will keep you in shape.


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