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Study Results Show Fitness Program Helps Those With Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Jan 13, 2012

We are releasing to the public today the findings of our Type 2 Diabetes Observational Study completed in 2011. We are excited that the study has proved what we knew anecdotally since creating this special program for those who have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or those with diabetes. We had seen marked improvements in physiological, psychological and emotional areas of our clients, but with this study, the results conclude the program was successful in improving the overall health of participants.

The full study in PDF format is available for download here: Fitness Together Diabetes Study 09_2011

“I would like to see all my patients with diabetes so empowered,” noted David M. Harlan, M.D. (William and Doris Krupp Professor of Medicine Chief, Diabetes Division Co-Director, Diabetes Center of Excellence at UMass Worcester).

Dr Harlan had been given a pre-publication copy to review and comment on the results of our 6-month Fitness and Nutrition program created especially for those with diabetes and those with a pre-diabetic condition, as diagnosed by their physicians.

Going through all the data, Dr Harlan also noted that “Fitness Together’s program appears to have “re-energized most enrolled individuals…[most] lost weight, improved their exercise tolerance, and noted important improvements in their blood pressure and diabetes control…[and] participants noted big improvements in their sense of well being allowing them to regain a sense of control over their diabetes.”

The 6 month study we conducted in 2010/2011 was under the auspices of Joan Hill (Diabetes Educator at CMIPA, Consultant at MA Department of Public Health, Owner at Hill Nutrition Consulting, LLC) and in conjunction with the New England Chapter of The American Diabetes Association. The study group consisted of 12 men and 12 women; 15 of them had diabetes and 9 who were considered pre-diabetic.

After subjects gained clearance from their respective physicians, they were weighed, measured and given a fitness assessment by a certified personal Fitness Together trainer. They were also asked to fill out survey questions regarding their ability to manage their diabetes and their over-all sense of well-being. As subjects continued in the fitness program, they were re-assessed approximately every 6 weeks.

Participants in the study had an average weight loss of 10 lbs per person, an average 13% reduction in body fat and an average loss of 2.5 inches in the waist and 1.9 inches in the hips. The group had an average drop in A1C of .86 (meds alone drop A1C by .80), for those with diabetes, the average drop was 1.2 or 50% improvement over meds. Of those on meds, 8 had their meds reduced, 8 stay the same and 1 increased

The study also tracked the psychological and emotional success of the participants through a Sense Of Well Being survey as designed by Joan Hill R.D., C.D.E., L.D.N. and was administered before and after the 6 month study. After participating in the Fitness Together program of strength training, cardio and nutritional guidance, participants in the pre-diabetes category scores indicated a marked improvement in both the ability as well as maintain the motivation to manage their own diabetes routine. Participants with diabetes scored the greatest improvements in “feeling less overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes” and more confident in their ability to manage their condition.

The results, as noted in the full study, show that the Fitness Together Type 2 Diabetes Program was successful in improving the physical and emotional health of participants. Many participants continued to stay at Fitness Together after the study period was over and trained for another 6 months or longer.


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