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The Need For Personal Trainers Grows, And So Does Fitness Together

Feb 3, 2010

American Fitness magazine highlights franchise in supply/demand battle for health

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. – February 3, 2010 – Fitness Together, a national fitness franchise that specializes in one-on-one personal training, is highlighted in the January/February issue of American Fitness magazine for succeeding despite the economy. While times are lean, the franchise is poised for growth.

In the article “Tight Economy Versus the Expanded Waistline,” reporter Cherry Butler notes that Fitness Together is filling a critical role at a critical time.

According to a study published last year by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health, more than 25 percent of adults in America are obese. “The findings prove that the need for certified and talented personal trainers is at an all time high,” according to Butler.

Jeff Jervik, president and CEO of Fitness Together Holdings, Inc. agrees. He credits the success of Fitness Together to the franchise chain’s one-on-one approach to exercise and marketing to people who care about their health.

“[Our clients] recognize the value of a fit and healthy lifestyle, and they will sacrifice some other type of discretionary spending before they will give up their personal training,” Jervik shared. “With the rising cost of healthcare, they would rather spend their dollars on training than on medication or the costs of an injury.”

The tailored approach also has separated Fitness Together from competitors.

“It’s a major departure from the big box gyms that depend on attracting a large clientele who pay monthly dues, but who may rarely use the facilities,” Jervik told the magazine. “Those who have tried big box gyms and come up short seek the focus and results that come with the personal attention our private studios offer.”

Jaime Singley, who trains at a Fitness Together studio in Cleveland, Ohio, told American Fitness about those powerful results. “Working with a personal trainer is an investment in not only your health, but also your education,” she said.

Singley, who has lost nearly 150 pounds, also explained how she has actually saved money by working with a personal trainer. “I go out to eat less and have cut out alcohol. That isn’t because of the money I’ve spent on training. It’s because those are decisions I’ve made to support a healthy lifestyle.”


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