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Posturing for the New School Year

Oct 1, 2010

Posturing for the School Year

School sessions have been in place for over a month now. Your children and grandchildren played all summer and now there is a significant amount of time that they are sitting and less active. What does this mean for your child? Eating good nutritious foods in the right amounts is important for learning. Exercise is also pertinent and should be included in a daily routine.

It has been discussed throughout the country that obesity is a major concern for many children. Is it that you are not educated enough about proper eating and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Or do you take the path of least resistance and eat what is easier. It would be interesting to look in the cabinets of those who have children who have excess pounds versus those that do not. Do not blame excess pounds on genetics!

Remember the thought of everything in moderation. You can take an active role in influencing children and adolescents in their lifestyle. Also, just because the kids in your family may be active, it is not okay to assume that they can eat more junk food. The habits developed when young can last a lifetime. You must pose the question of how you eat and are you a good influence in regards to nutrition? Always remember, you won’t go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables. If the kids prefer something less healthy, why would that be? Are they allowed to eat mostly processed foods because it is easy?

Be smart. Teaching your children about proper diet and exercise should start in the home. Nowadays, the web gives you a plethora of information on nutrition so there is no excuse. You can even use interactive tools with kids coloring the food pyramid. Be smart in the choices and eat healthy for yourself as well.

Also, exercise is important. Even stretching. The influence of laptop computers and tech equipment place us in poor positions in regards to posture. The head moves forward, the shoulders roll in, and the back is rounded on most people observed and the adolescence are not exceptions. These developing bad habits can be life changing. Everybody should stretch the muscles that get tight and strengthen muscle opposite the joint. Poor posture at a young age can last a lifetime if not addressed.

Care enough to set the example! Be a good influence in the diet, exercise, and posture of your child. You may even improve your own well being in the process.


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