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Health Care Reform and Accountability

Jul 29, 2010

As we all have heard, health care reform is an issue that will affect everyone. It is time for all of us to take action and be accountable for own our good health because we do not know what is going to happen in the coming years. Where do we begin?

If you think about the habits of many like smoking, drinking, eating a poor diet, not sleeping enough and lack of exercise, each of us can probably associate with one or more of these items at different times. Despite the fact that there is plenty of evidence out there that these things are harmful, we tend to believe that we are either invincible or we just do not care.

In many ways, we are our own self destruction. I know most people do not want to hear that but it is a fact. What is it that makes us ingest things into our bodies that are not healthy for us? Have you not said to yourself that you know something is not good for you but you do it anyway? Did you over indulge on vacation? What is an acceptable level of being bad to your body?

All of us are different. Our genetic makeup may predispose us to certain diseases, that is true. I believe that we need to do something to help ourselves. Many parents and grandparents are coming back from summer vacation. The children are just getting back in school. The children need healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to learn. Too much sugar or bad fats may affect the way children concentrate. At home, it is pertinent that we demonstrate good eating habits to our children. We want them to crave healthy foods, not sugary unhealthy treats. Adults must be held accountable to teach the children proper eating. If your feel tired a lot with a lack of energy, have problems sleeping, or are gaining weight or losing weight for no reason, it could be what we eat and what we absorb when we eat.

I read a book once called, If the Buddah Came to Dinner. I highly recommend this book to all people. Imagine, not a buddah (for most of us) but someone special is coming to your home for dinner and you are going to cook. Think of the time it takes you to plan that special meal. Your plans probably consist of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and maybe even fruit. What person is more special than you and your family? Think about this for a moment. We want to nourish and cleanse our bodies by eating right to feel good. We do not want to feel sluggish, have aches and pains, develop heart, liver, and kidney problems or get little or no sleep because we do not take care of ourselves. You are the best examples for your family. There cannot be a double standard where you can keep ingesting unhealthy things. Set an example today where you want to work harder at taking care of yourself. Be your own special guest. Nutrition is the essence of our wellbeing. Exercise your body and your mind and reap the benefits of health.

At Fitness Together, we believe that exercise and aging gracefully are certainly two components that can contribute to better health. Over the past 6 years, we have seen phenomenal results with clients lowering their blood pressure, improving their resting heart rate, lowering cholesterol, and lessening aches, pains, and stiffness from arthritis or past orthopedic problems. Decompress the tightness in your body, strengthen weaknesses, balance your body, improve your balance, and live a happier healthier life. We can help you if you can be accountable and get yourself in to see us today. We can assist you in changing your life.

If you know someone who is over weight, has any joint pain, experiences balance changes or if you just want to improve upon yourself, now is the time to call. Please call Annette to schedule a free consultation today. There is no obligation other than showing up to see how we can assist you to be the best that you can be.

Here’s to your health


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