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A New Beginning

Aug 19, 2010

The Fall is here! One might say that this is a new beginning, the beginning of a new school year. Children and parents alike have had more time to spend with each other through the summer. Now, new beginnings excite us!

The key to new beginnings is that no matter how you were last year in your success as a student or parent it doesn’t really matter. It is time to work hard and be the best you can be. This holds true for parents, grandparents and children. Start this new beginning off fresh to lead towards new goals!

Take a look back at the summer. Was it filled with family and or good friends? Did your times together evolve around eating and socializing? Did it possibly include daily exercises and fresh fruits and vegetables? Reflect and analyze what the summer did include. If it did you are on the right track.

There is no time like the present to incorporate exercise and fitness into your daily routine if you have not done so already. Many parents tell me that their children do not exercise enough. Remember, children are products of their environment so they recognize your habits. They idolize their parents internally and many times take on their world. Telling your children to exercise if you do not simply does not demonstrate the importance of such an activity.

Since obesity and poor health is so high in this country in children and adults, there is no time like the present to start a new beginning in conjunction with the new school year. Bad eating habits and little exercise, especially for children can be very detrimental to a healthy life in the future. Compare your body to a car. If your car needs a medium or high octane fuel, do you feed it the lowest grade? I would bet not. You want the engine to run most efficiently and stay clean and fresh and you do the maintenance that it takes to keep it that way? Hmmm. Why then do we sabotage ourselves from proper diet and lack of exercise?

It is never to late to improve yourself and those around you. When there is diligent effort, hard work pays off. This is the road to even more success. If you or your children need help on starting a plan, Fitness Together (239) 263-9348 can help you. Get a jump start for the real new year! Tie your goals to the school year! We can help you and your child for muscle imbalances, curvatures in the spine, arch problems, and fitness in general. Keep your body aligned like you would your car. We can also guide you towards eating fun and having a healthy lifestyle! Call for a free consultation today. Everyday can be a new beginning!


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