The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
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Get in shape with Fitness Together Naples

No gimmicks, no overnight promises. Just plenty of real results*.

If gimmicks and fad diets worked, you’d see a lot more people in much better shape. The fact is, getting fit takes time, skill and focus.

At Fitness Together Naples, we can produce real results from one simple formula: one client, one trainer and one goal. With our customized fitness and nutrition programs and the help of your own certified personal trainer, you’ll be taking the right steps to reaching your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your health, our professional personal trainers can help you make it happen.

  • "One on one sessions with Paula have been more helpful than were in home and out patient sessions following recent replacement surgeries. I appreciate her training, her knowledge, and her professionalism. "   ― J. N.

  • "Great personal care. Skilled practitioners, Punctual with appointments!"   ― T. C.

  • "Individualized exercise. Trainers are knowledgeable and caring. Friendly atmosphere."   ― A. H.

  • "I like the program. Despite my best intentions, I would not go to a gym on my own and building and maintaining strength is a key aspect of being fit especially as I age. I like the location as it allows me to bike to fitness. The people are wonderful - knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoy the trainers - each brings their own unique skills and personality to a session and Annette and Paula create a space that is warm and welcoming. I appreciate the flexibility and ease of scheduling sessions. I am very please with my experience at Fitness Together. The only reason that I didn't rate it a 10 is that I the cost would be prohibitive for some people. "   ― H. E.

  • "Very knowledgeable and set up a plan that is time limited to achieve the result you are looking for "   ― E. J.

  • "One on one attention and equipment to meet individual needs with scheduling flexibility to meet personal time commitments "   ― T. N.

  • "very professional and I can only recommend"   ― V. P.

  • "Incredible service and people "   ― P. F.

  • "Regulary they give me a good assessment to determine what is helping, what I need more of and what parts need protection. I'm 70 years old with Rheumatoid arthritis and they help me keep all the parts moving. They are the best !"   ― S. M.

  • "Friendly, clean environment and very good and professional trainers that push you!!! I love being back. Thank you Arlene"   ― A. M.

  • "I have five artificial joints , am 73 years old, and Fitness together keeps me going. They know my limitations and know how to strengthen me and keep me in shape. With their trained staff help, I am able to play golf, ride my bike and enjoy life. I recommend them 100%"   ― J. T.

  • "My wellness includes 3x / wk at Fitness Together with trainer Kristen. She's wonderful! You'll definitely see results and feel confident you are achieving your personal best with Kristen's high level of skill and professionalism. Perfect location too! I've been generally a 3x / wk customer for almost 2 years. Fitness Together has been a wonderful addition to my wellness focus. At 60, proactive wellness activities are required, not optional, to maintain my desired physical/mental fitness through including muscle-building exercise into my wellness routine. Fitness Together and trainer, Kristen is the answer for me. HIghly recommend! "   ― N. N.

  • "Friendlines"   ― J. C.

  • "Most knowledgeable!!"   ― B. A.

  • "Expertise"   ― J. S.

  • "FT tailors their sessions to the individual customer. They want to provide the best exercise experience without causing any physical stress that might limit ongoing training. This is very important to older people. "   ― D. B.

  • "Qualty, timeliness, studio set up, Annette and Paula run a very fine business and all the trainers are first rate. You are always greeted when you arrive and usually Annette gets your water and towel and puts it on the piece of cardio equipment she knows you like to do your warm ups on. This is just an example of care and attention. To add to this I have lost over 100 pounds since arriving there for the first time "   ― E. R.

  • "Knowledgeable staff and custom work outs are great!"   ― C. O. S.

  • "Great staff and convenient location"   ― D. M. D.

  • "The trainers are friendly and give personal attention to your specific goals and abilities"   ― J. S.

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