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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.


Cynthia Nishimura

How long have you been working out at FT?

I have been working at FT from Oct 2013 to May 2014 which is 8 months.

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

I had weight lost surgery February 19, 2013. I did only a little walking and ate different. I indulged in all the wrong foods and I had little confidence. My personal life was going no where.

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

Now I have quit smoking cigarettes and trying to get all of my protein in for the day. I workout twice a week at FT and twice a week at Xist Fitness . I feel great! I have a lot more energy, always on the go and I look forward to coming to training every week! I love to teach others what I do at training...

What do you like best about working with us?

My Trainers are AWESOME!!! They give me the confidence to keep going.
They are always there to give me advice and encouragement. My trainers are very knowledgeable in their skills of exercise to help me reach my goals.

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

My self confindence is getting stronger and I can breathe better.
My life is so much richer, I have the mobility to move now. I am much more sociable and I now feel that I am a better role model for my daughter. I can see my body shape which gives me the encouragement to keep moving forward to reach my goal. " MY FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT, I NEED TO WEAR SHADES!!!"

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

GO TO FITNESS TOGETHER!!!!  There is strength in numbers.

Doug and Sharon Watson

How long have you been working out at FT?

About 6 ½ years

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

If you’re asking about our fitness routine pre-FT – we worked out here and there; various gym memberships over the years; we weren’t faithful to a particular fitness schedule. When I hit the big 5-0, I took a look in the mirror and decided it was time to get serious. A letter from Tim came in the mail about that time – right after this branch opened. We met with Tim and have never regretted our decision to make this a priority.

If you’re asking about our personal and professional life: We’ve worked together in our own businesses for nearly 30 years. We own a manufacturing company in the print coating industry, plus real estate properties. We were busy parents for 30 years to 3 now-adult children (ages 31, 28, 23). We’re involved in church, school, and other activities. Love to travel and really enjoy being empty-nesters. We’ll be grandparents in January.

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

The best part is the commitment. We’ve paid for it, so we make it priority to be here. That regularity of a workout twice a week – a workout that is designed especially for the areas we need to work on - has been successful.

What do you like best about working with us?

Well you’d think we’d get tired of each other since we work together, but working out together with a personal trainer has really been fun. We laugh a lot (at ourselves mostly). We don’t always look forward to it after a busy day, but when the workout is over, we feel better and are always glad we did it. We are both stronger and healthier. When we used to work out on our own at a gym, we didn’t get the personalized fitness attention that our FT trainers have always given us. We’re motivated to work harder because our trainers push us to do so – in a good way.

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

We both have lost some weight and inches, gained strength and muscle, improved cardiovascularly, and in general, we feel better with more energy.

About 3 years after we started working out at FT, I went through stage 3 breast cancer, with multiple surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, etc. It was a rough time, but I really believe that because I was in strong physical condition at the time, I endured the treatments better than I would have prior to our regular fitness training at FT.* Now I’m back stronger and healthier than ever.

Both of us are healthy. Doug recently had a stress test physical for the insurance company, and he tested in the upper 90 percentile in cardio fitness.

And, of course, Doug LOVES abs exercises and Sharon LOVES push-ups ….. NOT!

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

Well, all I can say is it has really worked for us. We were not faithful to cardio fitness or exercise before we decided to make this commitment. Now, it’s just become a part of our weekly routine – every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm. We don’t even think about cancelling unless it’s really necessary. Doug’s 90-year-old uncle plays tennis and/or golf 4-5 times a week and usually wins. He is a great example of the positive impact a life-long commitment to fitness can have as we age. It’s important.

Elaine Thomure

How long have you been working out at FT?

I started in July, so almost 6 months.

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

After having a total knee replacement in September of 2013, and completing 3 months of physical therapy, I still had knee pain and loss of mobility. I had lost motivation to be active, in spite of having worked out religiously prior to the knee replacement.

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

I sleep better, I wake up with more energy, and I feel stronger. My knee now has much more flexibility and less pain!

What do you like best about working with us?

I like that the workouts are always changing and that they are customized to my ability and my knee quality.

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

Although I haven't lost any weight (that wasn't my goal), my clothes are loser. I notice that I am more toned, my arms have definition, my stomach is flatter, and my thighs are firmer. I am more confident in wearing my clothing. But the biggest result is that other people are noticing!

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

Every journey starts with the first step , sign up with FT and make a one month commitment. When working with a personal trainer, you have someone interested in your success and you have a great “cheerleader”.


Gene Toombs

Gene Toombs is our SuperClient of the Month.

Gene started training with Fitness Together about 6 months ago. He was active and not overweight, but didn’t know the proper way to exercise to achieve what he wanted. Dieting was also very new to him and how to eat properly.


     “I was active, but I didn’t know how to exercise to get the results I wanted. My diet was OK, but hard to maintain with a travel schedule.”


     Now that Gene has been training at FT his strength has increased tremendously and understands how much work is needed to achieve certain results. “I know how to exercise to achieve results. I understand how much I need to push and challenge myself now. My diet is much better as well.” Gene, being at active person already, knows the importance of fitness. He has a busy schedule and usually comes in at our earliest 5:15 a.m. time, and is usually 10 minutes early! Now that is dedication. With his great attitude, the accomplishments he has already achieved are no question!


   Gene is ready to go right when he walks in the door. He loves the attention he receives from the trainers and how they want him to achieve his goals just as much as him. “I like the individual attention, flexibility for my busy schedule, and the focus on results.” It is easy and enjoyable to help out clients who really strive to work hard and to get the most out of every session. Gene will continue to do well and achieve his goals with the work ethic he has!


    With all this hard work it is no question that Gene is seeing results of all kinds. Strength is increasing, and simple tasks that used to be hard are becoming easier. “I feel stronger than I ever have in my life! Simple things are easier than they used to be. I know my blood pressure and resting heart rate have decreased too.” Gene’s form on all of his lifts keeps getting better and the ever important blood pressure and heart rate are improving as well. Keep up this great work and continued results will happen!


   Gene’s advice for those struggling with results or wanting to change their life…“Get going! Working with a trainer may not be for everyone, but it gave me the jumpstart that I needed to get the results I wanted.” The hardest part is getting started! Once that move is made, working out can go from scary to fun, especially when you see results.  An excellent answer from one of our many excellent clients!


Maria Walls

How long have you been working out at FT? 

  I started working out at FT in October 2013.  I started Take Shape for Life on 09/26/13


Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program. 

 When I became pregnant in 2012 I developed a heart arrhythmia and was asked to stop exercising.  For one year I was pretty sedentary.  Once released to exercise after I had my baby I was overweight (I was a BMI 29), exhausted all the time, and I felt horrible about myself.  I had little self confidence and was embarrassed of how I looked. 


Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

 I feel so much better.  I have more energy and my confidence level has improved dramatically.  I am eating much cleaner which has also made a huge difference.  I feel strong.  I feel like I can do whatever activities my one year old wants to do.  I am always looking for active activities instead of wanting to lay on the couch.  I got my life back!  J


What do you like best about working with us? 

 I have a very busy work schedule and I felt guilty about working 10-12 hours a day and then bringing my child from one daycare to the gym daycare.  Brian took this into consideration and made workouts for me that I can do at home with my family.  He worked with my life and my schedule.  This is very important for a new busy mom. 


What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

 My BMI went from 29 to 22.*  My % body fat went from 30% to 24%.*  My weight decreased from 169 to 129. *


What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

 Life is all about choices.  The choices we make will either help us in our journey to health or disease.  I am a nurse practitioner and I see many people every day struggle with weight and lifestyle related conditions.  The reason I was so successful is because I had a goal and I was determined to not stop until I got there.  Yes, I had setbacks but I got right back on track.  Maintenance is the hardest part.  That is what I begin now. 

Mary Ellen Saenz

How long have you been working out at FT?

I started working out at Fitness Together in early June 2014.

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

I always tried to eat a healthy diet and walked a couple of days a week, but didn’t have a regular fitness routine. I also have the beginning of Osteoporosis and needed to incorporate strength training into my routine.

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

Once I made the commitment to make exercise a part of my life, I find I look forward to it instead of just one more thing I had to fit into my schedule. I feel better about myself and can definitely tell a difference in how I feel physically.

What do you like best about working with us?

All 4 of the trainers are knowledgeable and great to work with. They push me (in a good way) to do things I really didn’t think I could do. It is a small victory when you reach one of your goals. At first I was a little concerned not having the same trainer all the time but they all know my plan so it works out well. They also do their best to be as accommodating as they can with my schedule.

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

I feel my strength has increased as well as my energy level. I did not have a lot of weight to lose, but can definitely tell my body is getting toned and fit. When I had my annual physical, the results of the biometric screening were much improved.

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

The first step is to make a commitment to get started on a fitness plan and stick with it. Once you start feeling and seeing positive results it reinforces that regular exercise needs to be a part of your life.

Molly Lochner

How long have you been working out at FT?

I’ve been working out at FT for 5 months.

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

I used to work out off and on. I played tennis once a week and sometimes walked. I didn’t pay much attention to my diet. I didn’t eat much unhealthy foods, just too much and at the wrong time. I didn’t sleep well and just felt unmotivated.

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

Since I’ve started working out at FT, I look forward to my workouts with Billy or Brian. They make the session go by so fast. It’s never the same workout, so it’s never boring. It’s a tough 45 minutes, but always rewarding!

Now I look forward to my workouts and my energy and sleeping is much better!


I feel stronger physically and my confidence is higher!

What do you like best about working with us?

The trainers are great! They honestly care about your fitness journey and are there to give any advice and help motivate you!

They help with nutrition and any setbacks along the way!

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

I feel great!

I am wearing a smaller size in clothes and have noticed I am more toned in many areas!

My footwork, coverage and strength has definitely improved on the tennis court!

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

Stop thinking about it and just do it!

Make the call and go talk to Brian!

The hardest part is getting started. But after you have set your goals and have gone to your first workout, your motivation keeps you going!

Tracy Nelson

How long have you been working out at FT?

Since August 2014

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

I worked out consistently in my adult life and have been fortunate to work for two Fortune 500 companies that had complete gyms at their headquarters and at one time I owned a gym. However, my story is typical of many women my age; I work full-time, my husband travels every week and I have 2 kids that are involved in activities every night and weekend. In the last few years, both of my parents passed away from cancer and Alzheimer's. They lived out of state, so I would travel to back home every 4-6 weeks to help my sister out. Needless to say I was busy and found it difficult to find time to work out consistently. When I was working out, I rarely challenged myself. Next thing I know I gained 20+ pounds!

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

It feels great to be back to my old self. I have more energy and confidence. I find myself scheduling my activities around my training sessions because I don’t want to miss them.

What do you like best about working with us?

The two things I like best about working out at Fitness Together is that I am appropriately challenged and how friendly everyone is.

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

I was specifically looking to improve my flexibility and balance and lose weight and while I have managed to do that, the biggest improvement is my mood. I am definitely in a better mood now that I feel better about myself.

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

Stop thinking about it and just start! You can talk yourself out of anything so don't over-think things, just show up. Eventually you will develop a routine and it will become second nature. 

Stacy King

Stacy King is our SuperClient of the Month. Stacy has been training with the FT Team for almost 2 years.


     Stacy was living a busy lifestyle and very stressed out prior to starting. “I was trying to workout on my own, but I wasn’t successful. Plus I was 15lbs overweight and depressed about that.”


     The road to radiant health and fitness is not always easy. But it’s worth it! “I’m addicted! I use to dread each and every workout. I would even cancel appointments because I hated it so much. Now that I’m finally making progress and seeing results I have increase my workouts at FT from 3x to 5x every week.” Stacy is just like everyone else… we want immediate results. If we don’t see something changing we get discouraged and quit. But this diet and exercise thing takes time. But when you stick with it, as Stacy has, the payoff is worth it. NOTE: It’s OK to want to quit. Most things worthwhile are hard and challenge you. But wanting to quit and actually quitting are two entirely different things.


     Stacy is much stronger and more cardiovascularly fit than she was 2 years ago. “My husband has to push hard to keep up with me on hikes instead of me being unable to keep up with him.” Bragging rights are always a nice perk! In addition to strength and endurance Stacy has lost 14 lbs and 10% body fat.* And maybe most importantly, “Exercising is a great stress reliever! Mental health and well being is just as important as physical health. I get both with FT!”


     The best part about FT for Stacy has been the customization. “I love that my workouts are tailored to my personal goals. I can tell the trainers I want to focus on reducing my body fat or toning my arms and they work that goal into my routine.” That’s helpful. Especially when it’s tough to exercise consistently. “We can all think of 100 things we would rather do than exercise. Having an appointment with FT forces me to make working out a priority. I hated working out in a big gym with so many people around. At FT I get to workout out one-on-one with my trainer in a no pressure atmosphere.”


Chris McDougall

Chris McDougall is our SuperClient of the Month.

Chris has been training at Fitness Together for just six weeks and has already made significant strides with his fitness.


     If you saw Chris on the street you’d consider him a fairly fit guy. He has always participated in sports and leisure activities which contributed to his overall fitness. But, “it was easy to find reasons to skip one workout which could easily lead to a full week and then months.”


     Chris has seen more success at Fitness Together in the last 6 weeks than anything else he’s ever done. And remember, he’s always been an active guy. “Prior to coming here I thought just going to the gym meant working out. I never understood why I wouldn’t get any results. After coming to FT I discovered what a real workout is. I’m pushed to go farther and harder than I would go on my own.”


     The accountability of having a scheduled time to workout has improved his daily routine and his performance. “I have much more energy. My clothes are fitting much better and more people have mentioned they’ve noticed the positive physical changes. I feel good about that and know that my hard work is paying off.”


Jerry Moore

     Jerry Moore is our SuperClient of the Month. Jerry  has been training with the FT Team for the past 3 months.


     A routine trip to the doctor spurred Jerry to make some changes in his health and fitness. “My doctor discussed medication for my climbing blood pressure if I didn’t change my lifestyle by diet and exercise.” Jerry didn’t exercise and was pretty much sedentary. He’s had issues with back pain for 25 years, which is typically a good reason not to exercise. Done incorrectly, it can make things worse.


     Since changing his lifestyle with Fitness Together he’s done a complete one-eighty.“I have more energy now and my back pain is almost nonexistent.* My blood pressure has returned to a normal range.* I removed a lot of the junk food from my diet and I now look forward to exercising. A nice side benefit has been helping reduce stress from work.” Jerry experiences what a lot of people do once they make such significant changes - it becomes something to look forward to. Almost addictive. Think about it, if you do something that produces positive results, you keep doing it and want to do more of it!


     Jerry has lost 3 1/2 inches around his waist, lost 10 pounds of fat, gained almost an inch of muscle in his legs and increased his flexibility.* As a hockey player getting through a game without passing out was an accomplishment. Now... “I have noticed a huge difference. I have more strength and endurance throughout the entire game.”


     “Fitness Together’s encouragement has been the key to my success! I really benefit from their motivation and support. I can’t say enough about Kyle. He’s been very patient and keeps things fresh. Proper form is essential, which is really important for my back. And they’re also very flexible with my schedule.”


     It’s always great to see such a significant change made by a person’s one simple decision; to start. Jerry is proof of that. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help in getting started. I didn’t think I needed any help and would just always start on my own. After 15 years, I finally decided to get serious and improve my health. If you’re committed to improving your health you’ll make the time and do it.”


Cindy Regan

Cindy Regan is our SuperClient of the Month.

Cindy started training with Fitness Together in 2011. She was training by herself, but her strength was not where she wanted and she was feeling bored doing her workouts.


     I have worked out off and on for years, and have even done some road races and triathlons. However, I knew I needed to add strength training especially as I get older. Whenever I tried to train on my own in the past I would end up doing the same few exercises each time. I'd get bored and then quit.


     Now that Cindy has been training with FT her strength  has soared and is capable of doing various activities without injury or soreness! That’s no surprise because Cindy not only works hard and pushes while she’s here, but she has been consistently coming to work out at 5:15 a.m.! I feel that I am much stronger than other women my age (and some men!). I love that I can go on vacation and do different activities like the boxing, hiking in the mountains, and horseback riding that I've done in the last 4 months, and I don't worry about being sore the next day or injuring myself .” Not only is she bettering herself, but is able to do a lot of activities with her two sons. I recently started doing Tae Kwon Do with my 15 and 17 year old sons and was able to jump right in and keep up with them and the other students, most of whom are less than half my age.


   Cindy has been a dedicated client and loves the variety and intensity of every work out. I often don't feel like working out, and on my own I often wouldn't, but knowing my trainer is waiting for me gets me there. I've never regretted a workout once I've done it! Second, I love the variety. I rarely do the same exercises two workouts in a row, and I feel that every muscle group gets hit. Very importantly though, I've never been pushed to the point of injury.


    Not only is Cindy feeling much stronger, but has been seeing the results as well. She lives an active life and is proving it through various activities she does. I definitely have better balance and core strength, I'm one of the stronger people in my Tae Kwon Do class when we do ab work. I love that I can do new activities without having to get in shape for them first. I can just get up and go!


   Cindy’s advice for those struggling with results or wanting to change their life…It's like sculpting a piece of marble, and each workout and each day of good nutrition is a chisel mark. You won't see a result from one day or one week, but over weeks to months you'll see a big difference.” An excellent answer from one of our many excellent clients!


After *

Annie Tzeng

Annie Tzeng is our SuperClient of the Month.

Annie started training with Fitness Together in 2011. After having her 2nd child she restarted to get her body back and has been training for almost a year.


     “After I had my first baby, I (mistakenly) thought my body would bounce back. Boy was I wrong! I waited a year before I started working out again. Then several months later, I got pregnant again. I decided that after my second baby was born, I was going to begin exercising as soon as my doctor gave me the green light. So, not only did I still have residual weight from my first baby to work off, I gained 45 more pounds during my second pregnancy!”


     Now that Annie has been training with FT her energy has soared and is less tired and she gets a lot of compliments are how she looks! That’s no surprise because Annie not only works hard and pushes while she’s here, but she is very consistent with her program. “I think when it comes to a regimen, I tend to be type A. At Fitness Together they are really great (and gracious) about putting me through different cardio workouts so my body doesn't adjust and is always challenged. I also like the fact that every 4 weeks, there's an assessment to track my progress.” Variety is key to any fitness program. An unchanged plan is the enemy and presents plateaus, which halt results. “Being able to work with different trainers has been really tough, in a good way, for me. Everyone has their own style of training and it really keeps me on my toes!”


   Annie has seen tremendous progress. She’s lost over 15 pounds and burned almost 5% of her body fat!* “I'm so close to my goal weight ... just a couple more pounds! My legs and arms have definitely been transformed from mush to muscle! My over critical self says that my midsection still needs a lot of work, but some of my pre-pregnancy clothes are now a little TOO loose. So I think I'm headed in the right direction.” Most definitely!


    Most people want to look and feel better. But for Annie, her fitness contributes to her life. No more tiring from carrying the kiddos up a flight of stairs. And playing “chase” is now fun and not a workout in itself. And work too...“Being a music professor at Washu means that I'm constantly "in the moment."  Every lesson that I teach, I need to be engaged and alert. Working out does this for me - it allows my heart and body to work at maintaining and providing energy, rather than struggling to deal with excess weight and making my life lackluster.”


   Annie’s advice for those struggling with results or wanting to change their life… “You just need to keep at it. There's no quick fix. It's so much more exciting to reach your goal knowing that YOU were the one that did it and not anyone else, or by taking some pill or even doing something drastic.” That’s an educated and courageous answer (as all of our clients are!:-)


Carol Short

Carol Short is our SuperClient of the Month. Carol has been training with the FT Team since 2008.


     Carol has always been an active person. She ran every day, but that was it. No upper body training. No cross training. And her diet was lo-fat with lots of fruit. (If you’re a client of ours you know that’s not the best way to eat!)


     Now Carol trains at FT religiously three times a week. “I hate to miss a session. And I try to push myself besides my trainer pushing me because I know it only hurts me.” She’s also learned the importance of protein and now eats throughout the day to keep her metabolism up.


     Carol’s dedication shows. “I use to have skinny and boney arms. Now I have definition and tone and receive compliments. I lost a few pounds and have been able to maintain while toning all my muscles. Most of all, I feel great!”


     “Fitness Together is very versatile. I’ve been coming for 5 years and still each session is something new. It feels good to hit my muscles different ways. And my workouts are adjusted to my needs. Whether it be injury or soreness they avoid certain things when necessary. And if I want to focus on something specific they tailor it to my needs.”


     If you want advice from a fitness veteran then follow Carol’s: “It’s a commitment! It’s a combination of exercise and eating right to get results. If you do the right combination you should have success.”


Kristine Bridges

Kristine Bridges is our SuperClient of the Month. Kristine has been training with the FT Team for almost one year.


     Prior to joining the FT family Kristine was working out at home. But as a lot of people admit, there were plenty of excuses to avoid it.


     If you go back and look for a commonality among our SuperClient’s it’s that they’ve adopted a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is why they always tell us they enjoy their workouts and feel bad when they miss. Kristine is among that group.


     “I want to workout and feel bad if I miss. I have a better overall attitude because of FT. I feel better and look better. I no longer dread shopping for clothes and… a bikini! I’ve committed to and adopted this lifestyle and it feels good. I worked out everyday on vacation and even got kettelbells for Christmas.” 


     Kristine’s hard work has paid off. She’s lost 30 pounds and toned up her body.* “I notice more definition in my arms and legs. I even found my abs that had been missing for years! I also have more endurance when I run. And maybe best of all, my daughter and I now where the same size!”


     In addition to the results, Kristine has made great friends since training. That goes with the territory in our PACK small group training. “I like the camaraderie of working out with others. I also like that the trainers truly challenge me and having a different workout every time I come in keeps me engaged and makes it fun.”


    If you’re struggling to get results… “Do it. I have never looked better in my life! I’ve lost 30 pounds* overall and couldn’t be happier. The trainers are great here. Very encouraging and they listen. They’ll make adjustments when necessary. There’s no reason you can’t do it.” All you have to do is take one step forward to start.


Pamela Hermesch

Pamela Hermesch is our SuperClient of the Month. Pamela was among the original launch for our PACK small group personal training program back in October. And she’s been going strong ever since!


     Pamela was doing what most people I fear do when starting out; activity, not exercise. “I was mostly walking when I “had time”. And I was walking with my dogs so I wasn’t focused. I didn’t have a routine.” This is very common mistake among people. Walking your dog and exercising are VERY different. During exercise we give strategic breaks when needed, not when the dog stops at the fire hydrant.☺


     Our Pack small group personal training program is a new groundbreaking program. It combines the strength, cardio, and nutritional components of our traditional one-on-one program and pairs it with the energy and fun of a small group. The important part is it’s still personalized to the individual. And clients like Pamela are really taking to it.


     “I like the PACK training. I like having people in good shape that get my competitive juices flowing. I like that the trainers can help me work around knee injuries. The trainers are professional with personality and help keep me motivated. And best of all, the results!”


     Pamela has really found her stride and is making some serious changes in her body and her life. “I’ve lost over 20 pounds and 4% body fat.* I’ve lost 2 inches in my waist*, my clothes fit better and I’m more toned. I feel stronger and have an increased self confidence. I just feel better all around.”


     Pamela is a good example of what can happen when you raise the bar. If you transition your activity to exercise you will see your results go up exponentially. Even despite the fact that you may have injuries (her knee), you weren’t exercising before, or any other excuse we make for ourselves. When to workout was one of Pamela’s excuses. But she found a way around that. “Pick times you know you can make. I don’t like mornings, but I know that I can and will make it. It’s too easy to blame work or being tired for not showing up.” “That’s gold Jerry!”


     “The hardest part is developing good habits. So I always start with a trainer. they get you motivated and in the habit.”


Cindy G.


Since winning our SuperClient of the Month Cindy has continued to lose weight. And FAST! Since starting our program 8 months ago Cindy has lost 100#!


     Cindy G. is our SuperClient of the Month. Cindy started training with the FT Team a little more than 2 months ago. It was very clear to me where Cindy was before she started. She was where a lot of people are, in a rut. I once heard the difference between a rut and the grave is how deep it is and how long you’re in it. Cindy decided to step out of her rut. And frankly, she’s leaping out.


     “I’ve been trying for over 15 years to lose weight and get fit with numerous kinds of diets and exercise programs. But nothing seemed to last for more than a few weeks. I would have a little initial success but would eventually go back to all my bad, old habits and gain all the weight back. There just didn’t seem to be any real hope.”


     It’s depressing when I hear from someone that hope is gone. Actually, it ticks me off. Because it shows there is so much hype, so much deception in the weight loss and fitness industry. After trying and failing with so many “solutions” one can lose hope. That’s deceiving. And very dishonest.


     But those “solutions” will continue to sell. And continue to steal hope. But we’re here to restore hope!


     “Now, with the help of Fitness Together, it feels like there is hope! With my coach I’ve found out I can do more than I expected and that creates greater confidence. I feel stronger and more physically able. Also, I am able to keep my goals in mind which helps resist the temptation for bad food choices.”


     As of writing, Cindy has lost 35.5 total pounds (her weight continues to drop)!* She’s burned off 25 pounds of body fat and lost over 10 total inches!* Her strength has gone up by 120%, dropped her recovery heart rate by 21 beats per minute, and increased her flexibility. THAT my friends is fitness and weight loss success.


     “I feel entirely different. The obvious result is the weight loss. But less obvious is how much stronger I feel and more physically confident. I also have a different mental attitude toward food and am learning not to use it as an emotional crutch.”


     What would you say to others struggling to get results or starting a program? “Get some help!”


     “I’ve tried so long on my own and having both the encouragement and accountability that FT provides has made all the difference. Also, just worry about today. I have a lot of weight to lose and it will probably take over a year. Dwelling on that is just overwhelming. Today is the only day we have to concentrate on.”



After *

Andrew Cooper


     Andrew Cooper is our SuperClient of the Month. Andrew started training with the FT Team in mid July after being referred by his sister. 


     When I asked what his life was like prior to starting his health and fitness program, Andrew candidly says, “Life was good. I ate and drank whatever I wanted.” But of course we know there was a bad side to life. “The downside was that I was frequently tired, was often out of breath from doing simple things, and would be sore from any physical activity I would engage in.” That’s a bad side of life. Sure you could eat at Cheeburger-Cheeburger, but then you become a slave to your body. It limits you. In how you feel, how you perform, in how you live. And that’s not only bad, but very sad too.


     Andrew would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the crappy food. But who wouldn’t?  “That’s the only thing I miss. After almost three months of working out, I can spend all day working the yard with hardly a break. I’m stronger than I’ve been in years and the biggest surprise was an improvement in balance and coordination.” Andrew has really grabbed the bull by the horns over the last three months. When he started he was hesitant to even focus on the nutrition aspect. So I didn’t push him. But into his first week he was back in my office talking nutrition. And he’s made smart, realistic changes. Nothing crazy. Now when he eats out with his friends he reads the complete menu before deciding on a meal choice. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!


     “I find the best part is the people. Always encouraging. Very willing to adopt a workout based on my concerns and feedback. The ease of rescheduling workouts when things come up has been key to my sticking with the program.” Thanks for the compliments Andrew. But give us the good stuff…


     “I’ve lost 30 pounds in 3 months.* I’m down a size in the shirts and pants I wear. My improved balance and strength has greatly improved my golf game. I think the improved muscle tone lets me sleep more soundly. The activities that use to leave me huffing and puffing barely get my heart going at all now.”


     Awesome Andrew. But what would you say to those that are struggling with results or starting a program? “Be prepared for failures along the way. This is not an easy thing you are doing! When you slip up on your diet or just can’t make yourself do your workout, don’t beat yourself up. Put it out of your mind and start again. Know that it won’t be the last slip up and the last time you start again! If it was worth doing

before a slip up, it’s still worth doing after.”


 Great advice! And makes so much sense, doesn’t it?


Lisa Berns

Lisa Berns is our SuperClient of the Month. Lisa has been training with the FT Family since July of 2008. Lisa is a busy mom and professional and before starting  her health and fitness program, she was not happy with the way she was feeling. “I turned 40 in 2007 and felt like I owed it to my family and myself to be healthier.”


     Results? “First and foremost, I feel healthier, happier and more energetic. I am stronger and fitter than I was 20 years ago.” This is the one time in Lisa’s day that is all about her needs. And when she comes in to train she likes the focus being on just her. “The trainers’ programs are tough but fun. Lori does an amazing job of tailoring each session to my needs and abilities. I am never bored and always challenged.” And because of Lisa’s decision to change her life, her daughters are witnessing a mom that’s active, healthy, and exercises regularly. That’s a BIG benefit to her. Of course, “The fact that my jeans size has gone down 2-3 sizes and my abs are stronger than they have ever been are nice perks! Plus, I can do lots of real push-ups now.” *


     Follow Lisa’s example. “It’s very important to me that my daughters know the value and importance of being fit and strong for a lifetime. FT allows me to show them that on a regular basis.” Bravo Lisa!


Carole McCabe

     Carole McCabe is our SuperClient of the Month. Carole has been training with Fitness Together for a 6 months. Carole has come farther and faster than a lot of people have in 6 months. And it’s because of her hard work and commitment.


     Before starting her training and nutrition program at Fitness Together, Carole could just diet and lose weight. “I would go in spurts of doing a lot of walking. I would either follow a good diet and exercise or I was terrible. There was no in between.” This isn’t all too uncommon for people. It’s either on or off. “My husband of 34 years has always exercised regularly and told me that I just had to get to a point where I would miss it if I didn’t. Easy for him to say. But I never got to that point.”


     Carole started a program to lose weight. Her flexibility was also poor at best. “I was concerned that if I didn’t do something soon I never would.”


     Now that exercise is a part of her life… “I can’t believe it! I love the combination of my training workouts at FT and my cardio workouts. I have lost weight, I have muscle definition where I don’t think I ever had it before, and I’m stronger than I have been in years. I have reached that point when I miss my session, I hate it. I don’t ever want to have to start over again.” Carole won’t have to. She’s changed her behaviors and imbedded a healthy lifestyle into her brain. “It is always more effective to behave your way to a new way of thinking, than to think your way to a new way of behaving.” Carole heard that last week at a work seminar she was attending. And it’s spot on. No one like exercise in the beginning. It’s hard work. Your muscles are sore and it’s kind of humbling when 3 pounds feels heavy! But listen to Carole, “I just kept going at the beginning. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it. But then I started seeing the results and now the behavior has led me to a new, healthy and fit way of thinking. So don’t give up! You can do it. And it is so worth it.”


     “I have enjoyed every one of the trainers. I am very comfortable with the atmosphere that Tim and Team have created. I’m constantly being pushed further, and I have accomplished things that I never thought I could.”


     The best part for Carole are the results! She’s lost weight and inches, is leaner than ever and has more muscle definition, and has had a dramatic increase in strength, flexibility, and range of motion.* And what’s really cool… “I can run on the treadmill. I’ve never run for exercise in my life!”


Joan Sobleski

Joan Sobleski is our SuperClient of the Month. Joan has been training with the FT family for almost five months. Joan, like many people today, works long hours. After a long day of work she’d have no energy left to push herself and workout. Ended she’d just read or watch some TV.


     Since starting with Fitness Together Joan has become more aware of what, when, and how much she is eating. She’s become more active with her everyday life and she’s not as tired anymore.


     Joan has made great improvements with her health and fitness. She’s lost over 10 pounds of body fat, dropped her recovery heart rate by 10 bpm, and increased her strength by 67%! Not to forget she’s lost inches as well.* “I’ve toned up, my clothes are not tight fitting anymore, and I have a lot more energy.” Joan really hit her stride. She’s found a friendly place


     A piece of advice… “Keep working - I did not get out of shape overnight. Results will come and you will feel good about yourself. If you’re not putting yourself first, try it! If you do not take care of yourself when who will?” That’s very good advice. I’ve coached hundreds of men and women and most have put themselves on the back burner. A confusion of priorities is commonplace. But you must take care of yourself first. And as Joan suggests, TRY IT!!


Paige Boyer

Paige Boyer is our SuperClient of the Month. Paige has been training with the FT Family for the past 6 months. Paige’s middle name is Hardwork. (OK, maybe not her legal middle name. But it should be.) She trains 4 times per week and NEVER misses a cardio workout after her session. So it’s very clear to why her results are so significant.


     Prior to FT, Paige lived a different life. “I had gained weight. I was tired all the time and used alcohol to reduce my stress.” This situation is all too common. Because when you’re tired it’s easier to grab a drink than it is to do a push up. But Paige finally decided to make a change and get her life back. And with the help of FT her hard work has paid off. “I’ve lost 25 pounds, 10% body fat, and gone from a size 6 to a size 0!* I feel stronger and look better than ever.”


“The trainers are totally worth the money. The motivation and positive reinforcement they provide for me is priceless.” It’s hard to put a price on feeling great and looking fantastic. “The key is to start slow… but start! You just gotta do it.”


After *

Melanie Smith


     My goal was accomplished! And you should’ve seen my groom’s face! I want to thank you for helping. The 10 pound weight loss within 2 months*

definitely gave me the confidence not only to wear my dress, but to ‘work’ it. FT helped me feel stronger, toner, more energetic and healthier each week. You truly held me accountable to my goals. Along with implementing the

suggested dietary recommendations, the weight fell off faster than I

anticipated. Especially since my previous attempts on my own were

unsuccessful. It just goes to show what a little expert guidance can do.”


     “Thanks again for teaching me how to care for my health and my body!”


Kathy Botney


     Kathy Botney is our SuperClient of the Month. Kathy has been training with the FT family for five and half months. Kathy is a busy physician, wife, mother, and grandmother. Needless to say her plate if full. “I love my job and family, but I felt like I was just getting by. I was tired of being tired and overweight. And I was frustrated with the chronic pain from a car accident years ago.” But none of that stopped Kathy from achieving. “Now I feel great about my energy level, strength, and appearance.”


     Given Kathy’s previous injuries a specific program was needed. “Apryl makes the program. She’s been fabulous in working with me. I also love the privacy of the individual training rooms and appreciate the absence of loud rock music . I love the coaching on my nutrition, weight loss, and overall goals of optimal health.”


     Kathy’s focus and determination are showing. A lot. “I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4.* I’ve lost 31 pounds.* My strength and endurance are much improved. My chronic neck pain is now a rare occurrence. And my increased core strength has allowed me to enjoy other activities like swimming and gardening without the pain I use to suffer from.”


     Wouldn’t you take advice from a physician, wife, mother, and grandmother? I know I would. Furthermore, Kathy has walked the walk. So heed her advice. “I think it’s very important to combine a nutrition plan with the strength training and aerobic exercise. The combination of nutritional changes and regular exercise has been amazing. I sleep better, my energy is better, I look better, and I’m confident that I’ll never slide backwards again.”


Nicole Stoff

Nicole Stoff is our SuperClient of the Month. Nicole has been training at Fitness Together since last September.


     Before starting Nicole was like a lot of people, sedentary. “I would sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day at work and then come home and sit around some more. My weekends were no better. Happy Hours with coworkers were also a common occurrence during the work week. And my job requires extensive travel so eating out at restaurants for multiple meals was a daily practice.”


      Since making her health and fitness a priority in her life she’s become better at planning and preparing. “I travel 3 weeks out of the month so I ate out a lot. Now I plan and prepare my meals on Sunday nights and pack a cooler with me. I no longer have a reason to eat out.” Nicole also cut out a lot of processed and junk foods. “If it comes in a bag or a box I don’t eat it. And if it has more than 3 ingredients or I can’t pronounce one of the ingredients I don’t eat it.” Those are the choices that make you feel good, not just about yourself, but how you perform day to day. “I have more energy, I feel great, my skin looks better, and I’ve noticed that I don’t get as sick as I use to.”


     Like most people starting to workout was hard for Nicole. “Exercise was the hardest thing to work into my everyday routine. But, once I made it a habit it was just like brushing my teeth in the morning. I use to dread exercising!  But, I have to say, that I’ve never regretted a work out. I always feel my absolute best when I step off the treadmill!”


     Do you weigh yourself? Nicole did. And that was her primary motivation. At first. As a girl, my “go to” for seeing results was the scale. But, I have to say the scale didn’t move as much as I thought it would. BUT, my pants started to sag and I was wearing clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear in a long time.  Nothing feels better than pulling on a pair of pants that use to be way too tight and taking them to the tailors to be taken in.”


     Results didn’t stop there. Nicole also noticed her arms and legs getting strong and toned. “With the focus, attention, and extra push from the trainers I could lift heavier weights and do more reps. I actually had muscle to flex!  My body can do more and I want to do more. It feels great to run that extra mile that I never could run before.”


     With success comes experience. And Nicole has some great tips for those wanting to get results like her. Be honest with yourself. Its one thing to want to live a healthier lifestyle and another thing to actually live a healthier lifestyle.  Did you skip a work-out? Because skipping one work out will lead to another skipped work-out and then it is impossible to make exercise part of your routine. Cut out the excuses and be committed to changing your life 100%.” Ditto Nicole!


     I’m always happy to give a lecture on what works and why. But sometimes it’s better to hear from someone else. Nicole has 5 lessons learned along the way.



Ann Hynes

Ann Hynes is our SuperClient of the Month. Ann has been training with the FT Family for 3 months. Ann has had a hectic 10 years. Over that time both of her parents became sick with terminal cancer and passed, she moved from NY to FL and back to St. Louis, and was working in a high stress job traveling 2 weeks out of the month. “I wasn’t eating right, wasn’t exercising and was working constantly.  I was shocked when I saw a photo of myself taken at Christmas.  I took stock and couldn’t believe how out of shape I was, and how much weight I’d gained in 10 years.  None of my clothes fit.  So now I needed a fitness plan that provided motivation, structure and accountability.  The timing was right because my job changed with less stress and travel. This gave me plenty of time to get back into shape.”


     When I first met with Ann I immediately knew she was determined. And she knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish and was ready to start. I train at FT regularly and really look forward to each session.  On other days I do some form of cardio.  I just feel so much better physically and mentally.  I eat healthy foods (although I do miss chocolate) and sleep more soundly.”


     Ann enjoys the 1-on-1 with the trainers. “They push me past my comfort zone so that I’m motivated to work harder and longer.” Ann says she’s using the term ‘worked my butt off’ a lot more!:) “I also like the structure of the set schedule, the facilities with fresh fruit, water, clean towels and no-nonsense equipment.” It’s a great atmosphere for Ann because she’s no-nonsense. She comes in and works HARD and as I like to say, Cranks it!


     Ann has lost 12 lbs., 10 of that being fat, 4 % body fat, increased her cardio endurance by 79%!* (Her heart rate dropped 14 bpm.) She also increased her strength by 50% and flexibility by 3.75 inches! All of that, plus over 5 inches lost in her waist, hips, and legs.* “My clothes fit and are getting baggy. My belt went down a notch. Then another. Then another. Then another, and another. My friends, family, and coworkers are noticing the improvements and making positive and encouraging comments. I just feel so much better!”


     Ann has great advice to anyone struggling for results or trying to start a program. “I’d say that the struggle is hard, but the results are worth it. Set small goals, and when you think you can’t do one more push-up or sit-up, do 5 more because those are the ones that will make the difference.” What great advice! And coming from Ann that means a lot. She’s committed to another 6 months to accomplish her long range goals of running the half marathon in Tucson with her husband. “It’s great to train together with a common, healthy goal.”


Emily Castle

Emily Castle is our SuperClient of the Month. Emily has been training with the FT Family for the past four months. Emily is a business owner and little time. With her busy schedule she had slipped into some bad habits. “I didn’t exercise at all prior to FT and I had poor eating habits.”


     As the saying goes, ‘Proof is in the Pudding’. Emily has dropped over 21 inches and 18 pounds. But most impressive is 14 of that was from fat!* “I feel much better. I’ve dropped weight and inches and feel much stronger.”Stronger is an understatement. She’s increased her push up test by 15 and increased her strength test by 134%!! And it doesn’t stop there, her cardiovascular fitness has improved dramatically. She’s dropped her resting heart rate by 10bpm and her recovery heart rate dropped 42%.* I’ve made changes in my life. I’ve taken time for me. I start the day with a healthy breakfast, I train with FT 3 times per week, and I’m drinking more water.”

     “No one would ever train like this without the help of Fitness Together. They help set realistic goals that can be attained. I like all the trainers  and they’re always pushing for more, helping you get results. And the on time scheduling is really convenient with my own schedule.”


Jaudon Godsey

     Jaudon Godsey is our SuperClient of the Month. Jaudon has been training with the FT Family for 11 weeks. Like most people these days, Jaudon’s work and personal schedule can get stressful and make it difficult to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But her 40th birthday and upcoming wedding was motivation to be in the best shape possible.

For the most part I have always been health conscious. I try to be active and eat right. But my sweet tooth, work stress, and time constraints gets in the way and make it difficult to workout consistently. Plus, I recently turned 40 and have noticed that the pounds pack on a lot quicker than they used to. And it takes longer to drop a few pounds than it did when I was younger.”

     Working with FT has put Jaudon back on track with her nutrition and regular exercise. In addition to increased energy and consistent workouts she’s motivated to do more on her own.  I have lost 10 pounds and 2% body fat since starting with FT.* My legs, thighs, and glutes are more toned and I definitely have gained strength in my arms. My workouts also help curb my appetite.”  Jaudon has also seen significant improvements in her cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and overall strength.

      I like being able to show up to my appointment and not having to think about my workout routine. They take care of everything.” That’s the leverage our fitness trainers provide. The results are practically turn-key. “Fitness Together is also very flexible with my schedule and they work to get me in. I have the confidence that I will be weight training at least twice a week. In the past I was unable to remain consistent.”

     Jaudon has a great attitude and can be a great example to follow. “Stick with it and do not give up! It will work if you follow the program. If you have a slip, forgive yourself and get right back on track. If you are trying to lose weight, you did not gain the weight overnight. So you can’t expect to lose it overnight. Persistence, patience and a positive attitude are key.” I love it! Jaudon’s 3 P’s are great advice. Advice you should heed if you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape. Congratulations on your progress Jaudon! Keep up the great work!


Tracey Hardgrove

     Tracey Hardgrove is our SuperClient of the Month. Tracey joined the FT Family in

November.  Tracey’s story is one of commitment and success. Even for someone that was “hopeless”.


     Before starting her training program at Fitness Together, Tracey was...let’s just say busy with life. Both personally and professionally. That led to a lack of health and fitness. “I was lazy. I have hypo-thyroid and had no energy. I felt the cause was truly hopeless.”


     But ever since her start she hasn’t missed a workout. She’s never been late to a workout! She is committed to getting her health AND her body back. And she’ on her way. “I have more energy and am starting to believe that there is hope after all. I’ve lost 10 pounds.* I can tell that my arms and thighs are much more toned. Even my back seems more toned. I feel better and am starting to look better too.” And that she does.


      Tracey loves the trainers. “They always have my best interests at heart and they keep me motivated—both day to day and long term. Thanks Nate & Nick:)”


     If you’re struggling with getting health and fitness results, starting or re-starting a fitness program, or just feel “hopeless”, take Tracey’s advice “I would (and have) recommended Fitness Together.” So don’t take it from me. But take that advice from the committed and successful—Tracey Hardgrove.


Jeff Ciaramita

     Dr. Jeff Ciaramita is our SuperClient of the Month. Jeff just had his one year anniversary training with Fitness Together. Jeff is busy cardiologist, husband, and father. But he’s smart enough to know to put time and attention to himself. “I have more energy than I’ve ever had. I require less sleep, have more energy to perform daily tasks, and love my improved physical shape and well being.” Jeff use to be in good shape. But as he got older and fell out of shape he found every excuse not to exercise because he was “too busy”. Plus, his diet was unbalanced and getting worse.


     Once Jeff realized he needed to improve his health and fitness, he joined the FT family. And it’s been a rocketship ride to results. And that makes sense. Because he has fun doing it. “I love the personalized attention given to me. Everything is tailored to my skill level, fitness, and diet. Because of the great friendships I have developed with the trainers, working out has become extremely fun and something I look forward to every time. Since starting, Jeff has lost over 15 pounds of fat* and replaced much of this with muscle mass and definition. “I have lost over 6 inches from my waistline, my diet is healthy, and my metabolism is the fastest it’s ever been.*” It’s important to mention Jeff has the supreme mentality. After telling him a job well done on his pushup test (he did 113 pushups - more than anyone I’ve ever tested) he acknowledged with a grin and shoulder shrug saying, “You can always improve and do better.” That my friends is big time! And obviously speaks volumes of Jeff as an individual.


     As a cardiologist Jeff is akin to the state of health most Americans are in. “We live in a ridiculously busy society with constant demands to our attention. The first thing to go is time dedicated to ourselves. Regardless of your fitness level, health status, age, or body weight, to be successful in health and fitness we all can benefit from help. I believe the first step after recognizing your need to improve your health and fitness is giving yourself the best chance to successfully accomplish your goals.” Once Jeff was a part of the FT family he had to be accountable for showing up to exercise and improving his diet. This accountability helped start the process for improvement and ensure success.  Once I realized my body’s potential and saw the results of my training and healthy food choices, exercise again became fun and enjoyable. FT got me there and will certainly keep me there.”


     “I am truly grateful to Tim and his team, especially Apryl, Ezrah, and Todd. Although I remember my earlier days of being “athletic”, I don’t think I’ve ever been in as good of shape and healthy as I am now. And all of this has been achieved while having fun!”


Lindy Wilhelm

Lindy Wilhelm is our SuperClient of the Month. Lindy has been training with the FT Family since May of last year. She is a hard working and  committed individual. She never misses her workouts. She is extremely disciplined with her nutrition. She has a desire to understand what she’s eating, why she’s eating it, and when to eat it.  She puts a high priority are her health, fitness, and well being. Lindy should be a model for everyone.

I was a dedicated ‘gym rat’ and runner for many years. But I was going nowhere. I had neglected to develop a regular weight training program into my routine. And now with FT I have an integrated approach.”

     Since Lindy has rounded her program out to include the core components of weight training, cardio training and nutrition, she has seen wonderful progress. And more importantly, she has unlocked her potential!  I have confidence that I can achieve my goals. I’ve conquered moves I never thought I would have been able to do.”Lindy has also become fit and firm. She’s lost 6 pounds and added definition to her arms, and improved her balance. .

      This program is very user friendly. All that is required of the trainee is to follow instruction. FT sessions are a bit like recess for grown-ups. It’s hard work, but it’s fun! It’s truly amazing. I look forward to my sessions and now I’m training 4 times per week!” As I mentioned Lindy is a hard working and committed individual. But she’s like everyone else, a professional with a busy life and her fair share of stress. Which is part of the reason why she comes to FT. “My Fitness Together sessions allow me a scheduled break from my work routine. There’s nothing like a good endorphin high after a day of work! I am so impressed with my results and the quality of the Fitness Together program that I got my husband to join!”Thanks Lindy!


Jim Webster

     Jim Webster is our SuperClient of the Month. Jim started working out at FT at the end of May. He’s been working out three days a week without fail since starting his program. Jim is committed as they come. If you read our blog you’ve seen his picture to prove it. Forgetting his workout clothes did not stop him from his workout. He pushed just as his work clothes!

Before FT I did not exercise and I paid very little attention to nutrition. I usually did not eat breakfast. My meals were lunch and dinner which resulted in my energy levels bouncing around during the day. I would often feel too tired to do things I wanted to do and my gut kept getting bigger in the mirror.”

     Jim’s endurance has improved dramatically. I used to become winded after minimal exertion. I can now do many things without getting winded or if I do become winded, I recover quickly.” And his body is transforming too. ”I have lost 10-15 pounds, much of it around the waist. I have dropped to a smaller waist size for my pants which is great!”*And it doesn’t stop there. Increased endurance, decreased body fat, and increased muscle tone and strength. “ arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs has increased significantly. I have never been in this good of shape my whole life!”

      The one-on-one factor kept him motivated and on the right track for success. But for Jim, like so many, the hardest part was getting started. I wish I would have started years ago. I am proud of myself that I finally just did it. I made the initial call, signed up, and got started!” Jim got started. And now can’t stop! 


Tom Welch

     Tom Welch is our SuperClient of the Month. In the 6 weeks Tom has been training he’s reached warp speed and is not slowing down.  And if you think you don’t have time, I’d put my bottom dollar on Tom’s schedule against anyone’s on any day of the week.

The one-on-one personal training pushes me to an intensity level I would not achieve on my own.  In addition, FT accomplishes this in 45 minutes versus the two hours it would take me if I were on my own. And who has two hours to spare during the day?” I assure you Tom does not.

     Tom has seen increases in his health and fitness all across the board. He is a master at implementing and does it with commitment and dedication. At his four week assessment Tom lost 6 lbs., lowered body fat by 2% and 3 inches off his waist!*

      “My strength has increased, stamina has improved, energy level is up, weight is down, body fat percentage down...need I go on?” No Tom, you don’t. Great job!

      Like I said Tom has a busy schedule. “With my challenging professional position and seven children, time is a scarce resource. FT gives me the opportunity to spend a reasonable amount of quality time on my physical health so I can in turn spend a lot of that quality time where it matters most with the energy and enthusiasm needed.” Tom articulates what I’ve been preaching for years. You don’t lose time by starting a health and fitness program. In fact, you gain more. because you have the “energy and enthusiasm” needed to be more productive, proactive, and passionate about your life.

     Tom is a role model for every hard working professional juggling multiple responsibilities in your life. It can be done. It can also be done while looking AND feeling fantastic!

      Congratulations on your progress Tom! Keep up the great work!    Will you be our next FT SuperClient of the Month!?


Dianne Sehie

     Dianne Sehie is our SuperClient of the Month. Dianne is rock’n and rollin since she started training two months ago.  Before she began her training program Dianne never scheduled time for exercise.

I thought I was active enough just gardening, keeping house, going to work, and talking a walk every once and a while. I never considered myself a sedentary adult because I was always busy. Now I see that busy doesn't mean active at all.”

     Dianne is still doing all the busy things. But she also does active things. “I make time in my schedule to meet with my trainer, and to do my cardio workouts. I find time to do things because I have made it a priority, and it really isn’t that difficult to find the time.”

     And making it a priority is paying off. Dianne has lost 15 pounds and feeling strong. “At work I take the stairs instead of the elevator, and I don’t huff and puff. I can actually see muscle definition in my arms and legs! My clothes are loose and more comfortable and in some cases too big to wear. I have a 10 year old black skirt in my closet that I love and haven’t been able to wear for 5 years. I can now put it on and it looks good! I can actually do pushups and getting up and down from a sitting position is a snap (Remember, I’m 57, and no spring chicken:-)”

     Dianne enjoys the ’push’ from the trainers. I know from the past when I have done exercise programs on my own, I would stop when things got hard. Now, my trainer keeps pushing me to improve.” She also likes that someone who knows what they are doing is designing a program to meet her goals. “Although I know many of the exercises, and how to do them, I don’t know when, why, and how intensely to do them.” She also appreciates the food plan being customizable to her likes and dislikes. And that it’s doable. Best of all, “I never feel hungry.”

     Dianne, who is a former elementary teacher turned college professor, gives this advice to those that may be struggling: “Listen to your trainer, follow your food plan, and do your cardio. Push yourself and don’t give up!”

      Congratulations Dianne! You’re reaping the rewards of your hard work and commitment.

So now… Are YOU going to be the next success story?


Mark Scheperle

   Congratulations to Dr. Mark Scheperle for winning our 2008 Biggest Loser Challenge. Mark lost 10% of his weight totaling 27 pounds in 8 weeks!*


   We sat Mark down for a quick post-challenge interview. You can see it on Search for FTSTL_Mark_S. But I want to make a few VERY important points about Mark’s comments.


   Among others he gives 3 keys to success to anyone who is struggling with their nutrition program:

1. Consistency   2. Moderation   3. Preparation


   It’s very good advice. And Mark has proven it true.


   Numero Uno: you must have a consistent nutrition plan. Doing ‘this’ one day and ‘that’ the other day will put you on a slippery slope to nowhere. A consistent plan of attack is needed.


   Numero Dos: moderate. Moderation is so important. No one, even me, wants to eat chicken, fish, and broccoli for the rest of their lives. There needs to be room for birthday cake, pizza, or some other type of ‘junk’ food. This does not mean birthday cake every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is moderate and ok to do. But it does mean not going crazy. If you hold out on some of your favorite foods, you’ll be more inclined to splurge and go overboard. Give yourself a treat once a week.


   And last is preparation. Mark says to have healthy snacks readily available. This is why our clients use bars and shakes. They are a turn-key solution for snacks and meals on the go. If you are not prepared with something in your purse, at your desk, in your car, then you’ll be in the drive through lane at the next traffic light. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to fall off the wagon.


Tom Prost

I decided to print Tom’s responses directly from the questionnaire. Tom is making monumental shifts in his life right now. And he’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy starting out. But each day gets easier and better. Especially when you see what his kids say to him. Read on...


How long have you been working out at FT?

I started my heath and fitness program at FT 8 weeks ago, working out 3 times a week.


What was your life like before FT?

Before FT, my heath and fitness was not a priority in my life. I did not exercise. I smoked cigarettes. I ate fast food on a regular basis. I always skipped breakfast and sometimes lunch. I suffered from high blood pressure. I found myself gradually gaining weight but did nothing to stop it. Every six months my doctor would lecture me to quit smoking, eat healthier food and lose weight until finally he warned me that I was border-line diabetic. So, I stop smoking over 21 months ago but did nothing in the form of exercise. As most people who quit smoking do, I began to gain weight. My pant waist size grew over four inches to the point where, continued unabated, I would be forced to shop at the Big & Tall Shop (emphasis on Big) just to find pants that fit. It was then I realized I needed to do something but I was not sure exactly what. Eating healthier and exercise were the obvious solutions but I really had no idea where to begin.

I knew that big gyms and fitness centers were not for me. I also knew I would not push myself without the help of a trainer. Then I discovered Fitness Together.


What is you life like after starting your program at FT?

Aside from exercising three days a week at FT, the biggest change in my life has been around what I eat and when I eat. The five meals-a-day approach was much easier to adopt than I thought. I am eating less than I used to but do not ever feel hungry or get cravings. I have cut out junk food and fast food entirely and have even lost my desire for coffee or soda to get me going in the morning. I have more energy, strength and stamina. I feel better, calmer and less stressed than I have in years. There is nothing like a good set of lunges to eliminate stress and tension!


What do you like best about FT?

What I like best about FT is the personal attention I get from the entire staff and the one-on-one training sessions. I really enjoy the privacy of my work-outs. The entire staff at FT is not only friendly but very supportive. I have an individual plan and my results are tracked against personal goals. The individual attention and privacy of the fitness sessions is what sets FT apart from other larger fitness centers.


 What results have you seen with your health and fitness program?

I have been truly amazed by the results I have seen in such a short period and how quickly the human body will recover from years of neglect. In my first four weeks, I lost 8.5 pounds but more importantly, I lost a combined total of  5 ½ inches off my chest, stomach and waist. My cardiovascular endurance has greatly improved.* At six weeks I visited my doctor for my six month check up. Much to his and my surprise, I had lost over 12 pounds and my blood pressure was the lowest it had been in 10 years.* My pants are nearly falling off me and I have even begun comfortably wearing pants with a waist size 2 inches smaller.*


What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

First, there is no time like the present to start a program and nothing more important than your health. It is the best investment in time and money that you can make. Second, it is not simply about going to the gym or exercising. It is really about making a fundamental lifestyle change that includes what you eat and, how you eat. I would strongly recommend using a personal trainer, not only to teach you the proper way to exercise but also one who includes a nutritional plan to complement your exercise program. Finally, it takes a commitment to exercise on a regular basis. Try to find a time that fits into your schedule. For me, that meant early in the mornings before work since I would only be conflicting with sleep.


Is there anything about your family, career or other area in your life you would like us to know?

I am a single Dad with three children. There is nothing more important to me in life than my children. So, it was important to me that they understood and supported the change I was trying to make in my life. After all, I was doing this as much for them as for myself.  I took the time to educate them on my nutrition plan, what I was eating, why I was eating it, as well as what I was no longer going to eat and why. Their support and understanding has made a huge difference in my success. They do not ask how my “diet” is going. They ask how my “lifestyle change” is going. I am even happy to say that they have become more conscious of their own nutrition in the process. The other day when I was showing them how loose my pants had become, my son told me I was “like that Subway guy.” I couldn’t ask for a nicer compliment and I could not have done it without the support of everyone at FT.


Make no mistake about it, YOU have the power to make this type of change in YOUR life. As Tom said, “there is no time like the present to start a program and nothing more important than your health.” Every month I show you clients that have not only made significant strides with their health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss goals. But also those that can motivate and inspire you. From tired, overweight and overworked smoker to Fit, Healthy, and Happy Dad! Congratulations Tom!     So…. are YOU going to be next?


Liz Yount

Liz Yount is our SuperClient of the Month. Liz has made significant strides in her health and fitness since she began training last November.

     Life always seemed really busy for Liz - 3 kids and a fulltime job. Liz lost a lot of weight 5 years ago, but over the last year as stress from her job mounted, she began to gain weight. “I could feel the pounds going back on.” Liz first turned to food control, but it just wasn’t working. “I also felt like I had lost a lot of muscle mass and was not at all happy with the way my body looked.”

     Enter Fitness Together. Liz had some physical limitations so she knew choosing a workout program to follow was important. Since training with FT her life has not been any less busy. But exercise and proper nutrition are now a priority for her. “I know my energy level is up, and I truly believe that this keeps the stress in balance. I can tell I am in better shape and my clothes are starting to fit again. I was convinced I could not do one more rep, but my trainer pushed because he believed in me, and ultimately gave me strength to believe in myself. This means more than anything!”

     Liz always judged success by the scale. She has now learned it’s more about the inches, cardio, and strength and the pounds will follow. “Now, the inches are melting away, my body fat % is down, and my weight is decreasing.* I am feeling better about how I look, how my clothes fit, and have an increased energy level. I walk with a renewed sense of confidence.” Awesome!

     Liz’s advice for those just beginning a program or struggling with results: “Just do it!!” (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that advice to others) “I know it’s hard to get started. I remember the first time I trained my legs hurt so bad I could barely walk up my front steps. I was sure my legs were going to give out, my arms were going to fall off and that I was going to throw up. But eventually it got a little easier. I got a little better. And then I could start to see results. I have to remind myself that I did not put on the weight or get out of shape in a week and it’s going to take some time to get back to where I want to be.”

      Liz said to me early on, “I want to be one of your success stories Tim.” Congratulations Liz. You are a true success and inspiration to all. So now… Are YOU going to be the next success story?



Meg began training with the FT family in February. Meg did not have any sort of plan in place and usually started the day on the wrong foot. “I used to wake up in the morning and the first thing I did was think about food.” As Meg knows, it’s not the best way towards success.


      And then she began training at Fitness Together. “Now I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is stretch sore muscles!”:)There are two reasons that Meg enjoys her program at Fitness Together.

1. Accountability: “I know someone is waiting for me when I have a training session scheduled. That gets me in the door.” 2. Privacy: “Working one-on-one is good for me because I don’t compare with myself. Plus the trainers make me feel good about my fitness level. I leave every session feeling good about my effort to improve my fitness.”


      What results has Meg experienced? “My clothes fit better, I sleep better, I’m stronger, and I’m nicer to be around - endorphins are a good thing!” Meg has lost 14 pounds, lost 5% body fat, and lost 9 inches overall.* We’re happy to report she won’t find them ever again!


     As I mentioned Meg decided to make a lifestyle change. “I look at this fitness journey as a marathon—it is not a sprint. Sometimes I just have to grit my teeth and DO IT, make good choices, get in the car and show up...and trust that it will continue to work!”


Congratulations on your progress Meg! Keep up the great work! Will you be our next FT SuperClient of the Month!?


Uncle Joe Chudy

Uncle Joe Chudy is our SuperClient of the Month. Yes! That’s my Great Uncle pictured and no, him winning our SuperClient of the Month was not biased.:)


What results has Uncle Joe seen since beginning his fitness program. I’m highlighting just one number...his age! He’s One Hundred AND TWO Years old! Can you believe that?!


If you’ve been apart of the FT family for awhile, you’ll remember me highlighting him in previous newsletters. And to be honest, I won’t stop. He’s that inspiring to me and the way he has lived his life (especially with his health and fitness) merits recognition. Any way you look at, you’ve got to be doing something right to get in to the triple digits.


Can you picture a 100 year old person? Do you have a picture in your head? Well throw it out. Because Uncle Joe’s not a ‘typical’ 101 year old guy. He’s not sick. He’s not in a home of any kind, well, except the one he’s owned and lived in for 35 years. He’s not immobilized or hindered in any way (they took his driver’s license away when he was 96 and he got pissed!). He takes 1 pill for his equilibrium. But his blood pressure is low, his cholesterol is in check, and his body metabolizes at speeds a 20 year old would be jealous of. He’s never been overweight. He’s as healthy as a horse.


So what’s his secret?

“Keep busy and stay active.” That was his answer to over 70 people at his 100th Bday party. Let me explain to you what that means. Uncle Joe lives in St. Clair, MI about 1-1/2 hours north of Detroit. It gets cold up there. That doesn’t stop him from keeping busy and keeping active. When it’s too cold or snowy outside, he’ll go to his basement and walk laps… in the basement! No treadmill needed. No state-of-the-art equipment. Just laps in the basement.

That’s Commitment!

His secret is simple, keep busy and stay active. And do it with commitment. And that should be the theme for all our lives. Making a commitment is THE way to live. Anything else… any other way… is no way to live.  Congratulations on being our SuperClient of the Month Uncle Joe!


Cindy Ginsburg

Cindy Ginsburg is our SuperClient of the Month. She has made positive changes in her life and because of it, significant gains.


     Cindy began training with the FT family two months ago. Prior to beginning her 3 workouts a week, she was living life on the ‘hamster wheel’ and couldn’t break loose. “I always seemed to be tired during the day, but I couldn’t sleep through the night.  My clothes didn’t fit and I was having to purchase larger sizes.  I would grab food on the go and that meant consuming a lot of fast foods and carbohydrates.”


      Enter fitness and nutrition. Cindy is on the road to transforming her life. “I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night, especially on the days that I work out.  With eating at frequent intervals through out the day, I don’t find myself feeling hungry as much and have stopped binge eating.  I am making a conscious effort to choose the right foods and planning my meals/snacks.  My clothes are fitting looser.  I arrange my weekly schedule around my workout/training times rather then squeezing in exercise when I ‘have the time’.” 


      Cindy appreciates working out where she is known. “I train in Ladue where I am known by name.  Tim, Apryl, Nick, Josh, Lori and Jake are great.” The atmosphere and concept really appealed to Cindy. I really enjoy working one on one with a trainer and the encouragement that I receive during each workout really helps to keep me motivated.”


      Cindy has increased her energy levels, lost eleven pounds in addition to building muscular strength. She has dropped her body fat by 2% and lost 6” overall.* “I no longer dread sweating!”


      Cindy’s has tried losing weight before. “This time I’m doing it and I have FT to thank. A program that incorporates exercise and nutrition is helping me achieve my goals and I am confident that I will continue to have success. It will work for you too. Work with a trainer and you will see results.”

      Congratulations on your progress Cindy! Keep up the great work!    Will you be our next FT SuperClient of the Month!?


Patti Kelley

Patti Kelley is our SuperClient of the Month. You won’t believe the gains she’s made! Read on to find out...


Patti started training with the FT family at the very beginning of January. She had made the decision to do something with her health and fitness in December when we first talked, but there was too much going on in her life. So when that settled down, she was ready to go! She’ll tell you her life before FT was “Boring.” But I will beg to differ. Between work and family she’s got a lot going on. But none of that is as exciting as her grandchildren. One of which is just learning how to warmer weather of course!


Since starting with FT Patti has seen significant weight loss and fat loss results. “I really feel up and ready to since starting my workouts and following your nutrition plan. It keeps me going throughout the day and makes life better!” In the first 4 weeks Patti dropped 9 pounds and her body fat decreased by 3.5%!* Her commitment and determination is paying off.


What advice does Patti have for those wanting to lose weight, get in shape, increase energy, and tone up… “Do It!” Nuff said.


Congratulations on your progress Patti! Keep up the great work!


Will you be our next FT SuperClient of the Month!?


Tom Herman

Tom Herman is a busy guy. His days are spent at Children’s Hospital as a Radiologist. Then home to his wife and four kids. You can imagine his schedule is jammed. He swam for exercise, but with his schedule, it became infrequent. His weight and pant size had  been rising over the years and in addition to his back pain, he began to limp because of knee pain. Then he heard about FT. But it was interesting how he heard about me. Tom attends Assumption Ukrainian Church and is 100% Ukrainian, which isn’t too far from Slovakia, my heritage (I’m a 2nd generation Slovak) After coming across my last name...Chudy... Tom knew he needed more information.


Why would Tom want more information just from seeing my last name?


Well, he quickly noticed the translation of my surname... ‘Thin’. “I knew that Mr. Chudy was the one to help me (Mr. Thin)!”


Tom has been training at FT for 2 months. And he is quickly and completely changing his life. “I’ve lost weight and my clothes fit better. I no longer limp and I don’t wake up with back pain. Although the workouts are exhausting, I have more energy throughout the day. And I’m getting compliments from friends and coworkers!” Tom has lost over 10 pounds to date.* He’s dropped his waist size by 2 inches and his body fat is down 3%.* His flexibility has gone through the roof, improving by 7 inches!*


“Fitness Together gives encouragement and personal involvement. These are wonderful people to work with. I know

 Jonathan & Andrew will push me but never with mocking or derision. Just patience and encouragement. Mr. Chudy has hired the best trainers: worth the price or more. I urge you to give FT a try. This program combines diet, exercise, and supplementation, all with personal supervision and attention.”

Congratulations on your progress Tom! Keep up the great work! Will you be our next FT SuperClient of the Month!?


Eric Morgan

How long have you been working out at FT?

August 2014

Describe your life prior to starting a health and fitness program.

I am married with three children (6 year old twin boys and a 3 year old boy). A busy home life along with a demanding work schedule left me fatigued most days. My days usually consisted of early mornings and long work days. The return home from work rolled right into a busy evening with kids followed by a hour or two of “cleanup” items after they were asleep.

Describe your life now that health and fitness are a part of your life.

Overall, I feel better and have more energy now compared to before. I spend a fair amount of time in the mountains and can tell the high altitudes do not affect me as they once did. Also, I use to have lower back pain off and on for the past 7-10 years. I can say that I haven’t had any issues for months with the stretching that is incorporated into each workout. Finally, I can physically see the difference and have had others mention the changes.

What do you like best about working with us?

There are a number of things that I like about Fitness Together. I prefer the smaller facility over other larger facilities. I enjoy the personal touch with the periodic report card of overall improvements. Also, the flexible schedule is very important. I like to stay efficient with having the ability to start the day early with a 45 minute workout which allows me to keep the same work schedule as before.

What results are you seeing/feeling with your health and fitness program (please be as specific as possible)?

Generally, I feel a lot better. I have much more endurance and have noticed that a chronic back issue has faded away. Also, I can definitely tell that I am a lot more physically tone than I was before I started working out.

What would you say to other people struggling to get results or starting a program?

In my case, I made the decision that I was 42 with three young kids and it was time to take some action to take care of myself. I had not worked out in awhile with any real direction and was concerned about jumping into something I wasn’t physically ready for. The trainers knew this and tailored a plan to start slow and increase the intensity of the workouts over time. It has worked out great!