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Find Your Fitness!

Sep 11, 2014

How many ways are there to exercise? Done counting yet? There is probably too many to count is the answer. Whatever you like, keep it up!

I am sick of hearing all these articles and talk about whats the best way to exercise. They are all the best! If you are burning calories, not putting yourself at risk for injury, becoming a healthier you, and enjoying it, then that is the best exercise... for you!

Now do I not like to do certain exercises or certain kinds fitness....yes. But it does not mean that those types of exercises are bad or not as good as another. Ultimately no exercise works if you aren't backing it up with good nutrition. I am not going to dive into a diet rant though. Lets stick with working out.

In the end, you have to find something you enjoy and stick with it! Whether it be lifting weights, p90x, crossfit, running, walking, or anything else you can think of. Stay committed to becoming a healthier you and good things will happen!


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