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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Ann-Marie Perhach

"I have never felt as strong and as stable as I do now."

"Since I've been at Fitness Together for three and a half years, some of the things that have changed for me are that I am stronger, I am more stable and I am unbelievably more flexible."*

Gail Maticek

"The nutritional program is very helpful and everyone should do it."

"The nutritional component of Fitness Together has helped me out immensely. I wasn't doing it in the beginning and I wasn't getting results thoroughly. I was getting results, but not where I wanted to and I wasn’t eating right. And when I went in and found what I should have been doing in the beginning, the nutritional program, the results were phenomenal."

Greg Johnstone

"Since I’ve been coming to Fitness Together, I realize that the results are possible. I am succeeding much more in this program."*

"They are constantly watching my form so I never have to worry about any exercise I am doing. If I am doing it wrong, too fast or too slow - they are right there making sure I am doing it perfectly because that’s going to make the best result ...It is surprising how little of a change in a movement of what I used to think was the right move - compared to what I was taught to do - can have a huge hugely different impact on my body."*

Jim & Leslie Lynch

"I came in with some rather severe back problems and those for the majority of time have gone away."*

"The staff has been fabulous. They are so non-judgmental. You come in, you do your work and they don't criticize you. They are super about encouraging you to reach a little further than you did last time. It has been really fun and that's what keeps me coming back."

Joyce Gorman

"I was a little concerned that I wouldn't have the same trainer in every session but they are all thoroughly trained. They’ve got great personalities. Very positive attitudes. They make sure that you are doing OK. They are not overwhelming you."

"I've had at least a three month fitness program with a trainer at an athletic club that said that it was one-on-one, but it wasn't necessarily to the level that I think I really needed. To have somebody next to me to spot me, to keep me in the form that I needed to be in so that I could get the most out of the workout that I was doing."

Kristie Wiggins

"I've been to other workout places where they show you the exercise once and then they expect you to remember that. Well, I didn't remember it. With one-on-one training, I knew I would benefit."

"I had tried so many different diets. Weight Watchers and - you know - the whole gimmick. It was temporary. It was always temporary. It would be good to begin with and then it would just fall off. Having the one on one with Fitness Together is a great idea, and it works."*

Laurie & Kevin O´Leary

"Fitness Together has helped immensely in that fact that I am now pain free in my neck and shoulder area."*

"In my age group, injury is a concern - I’m 65 - I have the confidence they are watching my form and nobody is going to let me do anything that would injure me in the workout."

Linda Brandweim

"I am closer to 50 than I am to 40 and I am a size 2.* Obviously what I am learning at Fitness Together is working."

"A new client coming in should look at this as an investment in themselves. It’s one on one and it is all about them. And they have to look at it as if they are investing money in their well being. And it is more about health - they are going to feel mentally better - it is going to reduce stress - it will increase your motivation. If you feel good and look good, you are going to do well in other areas of your life."

Pam Olsen

"We don't stop moving because we get old. We get old because we stop moving."

"I feel better. I have more energy. They help me find a time that does work. It’s maybe an hour and fifteen minutes maybe an hour and twenty minutes. I am in, I am out, and that hour and twenty minutes has been maximized. I come three days a week. It’s not too hard. They help you figure it out and help you find the optimal time of day for you to be exercising. It’s not too hard."

Paul Schoeneck

"Fitness together is an investment in yourself. You actually see how the investment that you made to Fitness Together is actually paying off to yourself. I see it as value added to myself."

"I am sure there are a lot of people out there who look at fitness together and compare it to working out at home or compare it to going to a Bally’s or another place. I am one of those guys who tried not only the workout system at home because I thought I would do it if it is at home for sure, but I am also the guy who joined Bally's. I went in there and joined and I never went. Not even once. I signed up and never went...But now at Fitness Together you do maintain those goals and you do remain accountable to the schedule."

Phyllis DeCoste

"All of the trainers are personable. They are friendly. They are fun. They make your workouts fun."

"Fitness Together has helped me stay on track with my workouts. I am not a very self-disciplined person. I thought I was, but I am really not. Fitness Together keeps you accountable."

Rob & Carol Manegold

"In the first six months of working out here my cholesterol had a sixty point drop by exercising.*"

"1.) It guides you to correctly position how to do something so that you don't injure yourself.
2.) It keeps you motivated because they don't let you slow down.
3.) It is a commitment to yourself that they help you stay with. They are as interested in helping you be a better person as you are. Probably more so because they don't let up. And that is the wonderful thing about it. And I am committed because I have scheduled into my life 4 days a week that I am coming here. And I have made it a certain time every day. I am committed to that time and I know that I have somebody on the other side that is waiting for me. And so I feel responsible to them and to myself to be there."


Terrie Cowley

"I can do so much more with my body than I ever dreamed before I walked in through the door."

"My experience in the past was that the people who I had worked with could not fathom the word pain. They constantly said 'oh you can work through this'. But when someone is in chronic pain, they cannot work through severe stress workouts. At Fitness Together, all I have to say is that this is a terrible day for me, and we will end up doing low impact exercises that actually make me feel better when I am in a lousy state.*"