Achieve Life-Changing Results with Private Personal Training

There Is No Substitute For Personal Attention. We Provide The Accountability, Expertise, And Motivation You Need To Close The Gap Between Your Best Intentions And Achieving Your Goals


Private Training

We specialize In Private One-on-One Personal Training and Private Small Group Training (called PACK, which is limited to 4 participants).


We take a Comprehensive Approach to results, which means that you receive the individualized fitness training, nutritional and cardiovascular coaching, mind-set strategies and accountability required for results.


You benefit from a Customized Program that has been designed specifically to help you progress from your current fitness level toward your goals safely and quickly.


You will train in the comfort of a clean, welcoming, state of the art studio … staffed with the most experienced and educated trainers in the Charlotte area. No Intimidation … only motivation, encouragement and accountability.

We Specialize in One-on-One and Small Group Training

Our "Staff to Client ratio" is kept very low by design.  It allows us to keep the quality of the time spent during training sessions exceptionally high ... and it affords our team the flexibility to pick and choose from a variety of training methods ... according to what makes the most sense for you.

We Understand That No Two People Are Alike

We're all different ... with different histories, different levels of experience, and different goals.  We design individualized programs for each and every client.  We do this because we understand that a customized program ... one that takes everything that makes you "you" into consideration, is the most efficient, and most effective approach to delivering results.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

You are likely familiar with a variety of approaches to acheiving fitness ... CrossFit, Zumba, Spin, P90X, Insanity, and bootcamps (to name a few) are some of the more recent additions ... and if you go back a few years, you may remember Jazzercise, the Thigh Master, and Tony Little's Gazelle (which is still available for some reason).

Most of these approaches contain some valid principles ... the problem is that each is "married" to the idea that their approach or product is "the solution" to your and everyone else's problem ... it's just not true.

Our staff is experienced and very well educated.  We understand and have experience with all approaches, and as a result, utilize the most appropriate components of the most appropriate methods when designing client programs ... and that's why our clients consistently get great results.  We put the "personal" in personal training.

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16151 Lancaster Hwy
Charlotte, NC   28277
(704) 341-8802
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428 N Trade St
Suite 102
Matthews, NC   28105
(704) 847-3859
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229 Medical Park Rd
Suite 100
Mooresville, NC   28117
(704) 658-1522
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Plaza Midwood

1318 Central Ave
Suite E2
Charlotte, NC   28205
(704) 333-2999
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1600 E Woodlawn Rd
Suite 255
Charlotte, NC   28209
(704) 525-5759
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Steele Creek

13545 SteeleCroft Pkwy
Suite 110
Charlotte, NC   28278
(704) 504-0911
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8121c Kensington Dr
Waxhaw, NC   28173
(704) 575-3680
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