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Tips to Improve Work Life Balance

Tips to Improve Work Life Balance

A balanced life creates contentment and satisfaction in professional and personal areas. Obtaining balance is an ongoing process that continually evolves as your professional life and home life develop. When your life is unbalanced, an unmanageable schedule and a conflicted home life may ensue. Prevent overwhelming feelings and conflict by implementing basic work-life balance tips.

Set Boundaries

Determine your priorities at work and your personal life, and define your boundaries for each setting. Keeping clear boundaries allows you to remain fully present in the current setting, according to Dartmouth College. For example, leave thoughts of work at the office and place distracting technological devices, such as the celllphone, in a drawer or out of sight. Removing distractions enhances the quality of your time while at home and work. In addition, compartmentalize thoughts of your personal life when you show up for work. Your productivity increases when you remain focused on one task at a time.

Manage Time

Time management is paramount to achieving a balance between work and life. Track how you spend your time for one week. Evaluate inefficient tasks and timeframes, and determine how you can consolidate or eliminate tasks. For example, consolidate your errand running to one day a week. In addition, keep a weekly to-do list and post it for all members of the family to view. This will help prepare you for upcoming events, as well as effectively communicate events and plans with family members. Effective communication helps prevent timely misunderstandings, reports the Human Resources Office at the University of Connecticut.

Ask for Help

Obtain a secure support network at work and at home. Supportive coworkers can cover for you or help you complete some work tasks when unexpected situations arise. Teaming up with others may alleviate overwhelming feelings. In addition, securing adequate support at home, such as a neighbor, close friend or relative, can assist you with household responsibilities or child care during work-related travel or long hours. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. However, always try to return the favor, as everyone needs help from time to time.

Nurture Body

A healthy balance between work and life will be difficult to obtain if you are physically or mentally unhealthy. Take time to nurture yourself to ensure good overall health. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetable, and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise can help increase your energy, enhance your focus and relieve stress. Plan family activities that involve exercising, such as flying a kite or playing Frisbee, so you and your significant others reap the benefits. In addition, establish a consistent sleep routine to promote feelings of restfulness.