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Free Fitness Friday

Free Fitness Friday

Bring a Buddy to Your Next Workout!

Fitness Together is kicking off this year's fall season by offering exclusive Free Fitness Fridays for clients and their friends. This special client-only offer will run throughout the month of November and will provide you and your friends with the opportunity to work out together and prepare your bodies for the busy holiday season.  


Offer Details

  • Bring a friend into our FT studio to work out with you during a PACK or One-on-One Friday training session.
  • Your friend will get the opportunity to experience the FT difference - an energetic, sweat drenching workout that will make your friend look better, feel better and perform better than ever expected.
  • You will enjoy the camaraderie of working out with your buddies, while pushing each other to elevate your fitness levels.
  • You both get to jump start your fall weekends with a fun, free, high-energy workout.

Give us a call today or talk to your trainer during your next session to RSVP for you and your buddy's Free Fitness Friday session. You can only bring in the same buddy once for these free sessions, but feel free to bring in as many friends as you want all month long. Free Fitness Fridays are a great way to add fun fitness activities into your friendships, while adding an extra workout day to your routine for free!