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Are You Drinking Enough?

Are You Drinking Enough?


Here are some helpful tips that will help you drink more water and how make sure you are drinking enough.


1. Get a Home Water Filter A home water filter can remove some of the impurities of tap water and make it taste better, which might in turn encourage you to drink more. It’s also a lot more affordable to filter your own water than to buy bottled water at the store.  

2. Get a Gallon Jug of Water Buy a plastic gallon jug of water and fill it every morning, and just drink it throughout the day. By the time you go to bed, the jug should be around three quarters empty (though there’s nothing wrong with drinking the whole gallon.) This way you can really see how much water you are drinking throughout the day.

3. Avoid Diuretic Drinks Some drinks, such as soda and coffee, are diuretics, meaning that they encourage you to pass urine. Soda is particularly bad for you because of all that sugar. IF you can, try replacing your daily intake of these drinks with water. As a personal trainer in Orange County California I see it all the time – people hoping to lose weight and look better from the use of diuretic drinks, the fact is it just doesn’t work and is very unhealthy.

4. When you Eat Food, Drink Water Mealtime should be a regular reminder of when it’s time to drink more water. When you sit down to eat or have a snack, drink a glass of water too. It won’t only help you get your daily water intake, it might also help you digest the food.

5. Try Flavoring Your Water If you are having a tough time downing eight glasses a day, you might try lightly flavoring it by adding a splash of lemon or lime juice.

6. Eat Watery Foods You actually get a lot of water from the food you eat everyday. You can get even more if you make sure you eat food that are extremely rich in water, like eggs, tomatoes, watermelon, and oranges.

7. Pay attention to your Urine Color If you urine is very darkly colored, then odds are you are not drinking enough water. If your water if very lightly colored or clear, you are on the right track for your water intake. 8. While working out, drink between sets While you are exercising it is extra important to drink more water. If you don’t get enough you risk making your workout less effective than it can be or even passing out. Muscles need a great deal of water to grow, so make sure you get enough. Be sure to drink a glass beforehand, around three glasses during the workout, and a glass or more afterwards.

Chris McCombs is an Irvine personal trainer who was at one time 143 pounds overweight and extremely unhealthy.

Through proper exercise and nutrition Chris not only lost all of his excess weight but he also has become an Orange County weight loss expert, helping people all over Southern California to achieve the levels of health they desire