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Our Owners

Holly Tamm

Holly Tamm


My name is Holly Tamm and I am the proud owner of 2 Fitness Together studios (Mequon and Whitefish Bay) in Milwaukee's Northshore community. I have owned my 2 studios for the past 10 and 11 years, respectively, but I've been involved with Fitness Together for the past 15 years!

As a kid, I couldn't sit still and all I wanted to do was run around, play outside, or join the neighbor kids at whatever they were playing. My earliest memories of exercise where when I was very young...I would come downstairs after waking up and I still remember my Mom doing floor exercises to Jane Fonda tapes or Ellen on PBS who was having her squat or do push-ups. I would jump in and join her any time I could. And while I wasn't nearly as coordinated as Jane Fonda (or my Mom for that matter), those moments instilled in me a sense that exercise should be a regular part of daily life.

In high school I was a 3-sport athlete enjoying basketball, volleyball and softball. My passion for basketball led me to a career as a Division I athlete at the University of Illinois Chicago and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Upon completion of my Bachelor's in Kinesiology, I became certified through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. In addition to getting certified, I also completed my Master's in Kinesiology from UWM. 

After 7 years of school, I got my first job as a Personal Trainer at Fitness Together in Whitefish Bay. And even though the majority of my background to that point had been been with athletics, I completely fell in love with the idea of training for lifestyle purposes (i.e. training for weight loss, long-term quality of life, rehabilitative purposes, functional improvement, etc.). And I've been hooked ever since!

Fast forward to now, where I continue to train, manage, and own my 2 studios where my awesome trainers are helping people every single day! 

When I'm not at Fitness Together, you'll find me enjoying time with my family, participating in church activities, playing softball, playing with my niece and nephews, or just relaxing at home with a good movie!