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As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), 
we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our customers and partners. 

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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

May 23, 2020 by P. D.
"Mike and I enjoy the individual focus each trainer gives us. The programs change as needed to meet the goals each of us has established. For example we continued with virtual sessions during the COVID-19 center closure and Spencer D was able to adjust our programs based on what equipment we had at home. Those were great sessions and kept us motivated. Each trainer gets to know your strengths, weaknesses and push you to reach what you did not think you could do. We are so happy with what Fitness Together has done for us. Pam & Mike"

Apr 5, 2020 by S. B.
"The trainers completely customize your workouts for you and your goals. Fitness Together has provided me with the expertise, motivation, and accountability I had been missing in my past attempts at working out. And I love that I am still able to keep my health and fitness goals on track with the new virtual personal training option during the Safer at Home Order - it's everything I love about FT from the convenience of my home. Without it, I would likely fall into my old habits, but this keeps me motivated and holds me accountable."

Mar 30, 2020 by P. D.
"The consistency of trainers who really get to know you helps plan the appropriate program. Now with virtual training my husband and I are still getting just as great a workout with the few things we have at home and the skills of the trainer to adapt the training."

Mar 2, 2020 by P. P.
"Privacy. Small size. Trainers who push but also make workouts fun. Convenient location."

Feb 21, 2020 by C. E.
"Personal training. Excellent trainers that keep you motivated."

Feb 20, 2020 by M. C.
"Personalized training adapted to your needs in a smaller, more comfortable environment than traditional gyms."

Feb 13, 2020 by N. C.
"FT trainers are excellent in what they do. They provide expertise and motivation. This is something I could never do on my own. Warm and friendly atmosphere. Each training session is challenging but rewarding. I highly recommend FT Wauwatosa! "

Jan 29, 2020 by P. D.
"The trainers listen to my concerns, aches/pains and adjust sessions accordingly."

Jan 14, 2020 by G. D.
"Custom approach to personal training and mixing the workouts every six weeks. "

Jan 5, 2020 by C. N.
"Personal attention to individual plan"

Dec 19, 2019 by L. S.
"My absolute favorite thing about Fitness Together are the trainers!! The trainers do care about their “clients”, but I do call them my friends and my brothers. The trainers are knowledgeable about the physicality of exercise and will adjust the exercises according to what I need at that time. The trainers make exercise fun, even though you may feel that your legs are going to “fall off”. They are encouraging all the time which is important, if this is the first time for an one to one training situation. My trainers are from the Tosa studio. Jordan, Spencer H. , Spencer D., Sean and Tom all rock sincerely. "

Dec 18, 2019 by C. E.
"Personalized service"

Nov 30, 2019 by S. B.
"After nearly five years as a client, Fitness Together continues to be a staple in my life, consistently helping me to maintain and improve my health. The personalized workouts are challenging and fun, and the trainers are awesome - always motivating and pushing you to your best!"

Nov 15, 2019 by C. C.
"The trainers are all very kind and knowledgeable and help make the workouts productive and not miserable. "

Nov 7, 2019 by G. D.
"The variety of workouts, 6-week assessments, and accountability to eating healthy and working out regularly. All of the trainers I've worked with are superb!"

Nov 1, 2019 by R. J.
"The knowledge of the trainers, how well they listen to you and how helpful if you have a problem area."

Oct 30, 2019 by C. N.
"Personal attention to workout needs "

Oct 29, 2019 by L. R.
"Fit Coaches are personable but also challenge me. Variety in programs. "

Oct 16, 2019 by L. S.
"My trainers are awesome. They tweak the exercises to my needs constantly. I know that they care for my physical needs and take me to the next level in all of my exercises."

Sep 24, 2019 by F. K.
"Love the personalization of the training. The trainers are skillful and flexible; they have had to change up my workouts to fit around surgeries and other challenges. The single-room/personal trainer privacy (for a body self-conscious person, nonexerciser like myself) enabled me to start and maintain a regular and frequent exercise program with FT for 7 years now -- and counting."

Reviews Provided by Listen360