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Fitness TogetherTysons
American Center
8300 Boone Blvd
Suite 160
Vienna, VA   22182
p. (703) 289-9909
Fitness Together$99 to $199
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Mon - Fri   6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat   6:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun   Closed

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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Jul 28, 2018 by A. K.
"Tom! It’d be better if he were shirtless! 😆 In all seriousness, Tom is very flexible and understanding when changes have to occur. The trainers take the time to get to know you, they challenge you, they keep great records of progress, the reports that are generated are great to chart progress and give clients a concrete example of their progress. I’d like to highlight Jenny because she will go the extra mile to help out drawing in her knowledge to help with things such as what’s the best caloric number to lose weight. And Ishan is a powerhouse who is constantly encouraging clients and not giving in to their complaints!"

Jul 25, 2018 by D. S.
"Good trainers and low key training environment that keeps you motivated!"

Jun 21, 2018 by J. S.
"The entire prek team enjoys abcracks and men with dogs. Thank you!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

Jun 18, 2018 by R. R.
"My workouts are closely monitored, records are kept, and if I want to change focus during a particular workout, the trainer works with me on that change. "

May 31, 2018 by W. W.
"I like the one to one format. I believe it is less likely that I will get hurt if someone is watching me. Additionally, I think I make more progress when someone corrects me when my posture is bad or I am not doing the exercise correctly. The one to one situation ensures that I don't do exercises that are too hard for me, yet I still make progress because the trainer ensures that I try to do a more challenging exercise when s/he thinks I am ready for the next level."

May 21, 2018 by A. J.
"This is not your typical large gym with acres of machines, loud music, Pilates, yoga, spinning classes, a smoothie bar, and a locker room. Most folks don’t use all of those bells and whistle stuff, anyway, although they are certainly paying for them. If people watching is your thing, look elsewhere. Fitness Together is all about individualized personal training, although there are just a few machines, they are quite flexible, and with dumbbells, kettle bells, exercise balls, etc, you can get an excellent all around workout. This gym has just a few trainers, but they are knowledgeable and personable, and they put together a workout regimen that is tailored to your needs. When I first came I was recovering from a shoulder injury. They contacted my orthopedist and physical therapists and came up with a program that hastened my recovery. With that injury behind me they have varied the workouts to keep them fresh. Recent changes have spruced the place up, and they have brought a few new trainers that are committed to the team approach to individualized training, "

May 18, 2018 by E. S.
"Training sessions are tailored to my needs. Scheduling is flexible"

May 14, 2018 by T. M.
"1:1 Knowledgeable trainers Positive reinforcement throughout the session Private atmosphere Water and towels available "

May 10, 2018 by A. H.
"FT has a great staff who are not only always positive but also dedicated to helping me achieve my goal of improving my overall fitness level. After having been somewhat inactive for a number of years, they developed a plan (to go at my speed) to help me work to get in better shape. In a few short months working out with the FT team, I have been able to see great improvement in my overall fitness level. Besides losing some unwanted inches, my energy levels are much higher and my stress level is much lower. They have helped to motivate me to a level I wouldn't have achieved on my own. "

Apr 26, 2018 by J. M.
"Individual trainer Flexibility of schedule Really great and fun people ( I hate physical exercise! But I almost enjoy my sessions) Best of all I have decreased my aches and pains! "

Apr 19, 2018 by S. Y.
"Personal attention to clients and personable trainers. "

Apr 15, 2018 by V. C.
"Very motivating group exercise sessions led by dedicated instructors!"

Apr 2, 2018 by D. R.
"I have been with FT for 2 months and already am seeing great results in achieving my goals. I like FT because they personalize each of my workouts towards my needs and my limitations. They also hold me accountable while encouraging me to work on my nutrition and cardio work outside of my sessions. They are respectful, encouraging and friendly. "

Mar 31, 2018 by R. R.
"The trainers listen to me, put me through routines that meet my needs, and correct my posture during routines when it is not what it should be. All experiences have been very positive."

Mar 28, 2018 by R. L.
"Services are competent, professional, and challenging for me. I like the coaches, and the environment as well. Wished I could have discovered your firm much earlier! Thank you, Ray Luca "

Mar 25, 2018 by S. H.
"The trainers don't look down on you because you are not able to "do" as much as younger folks. Program is tailored for my needs. Friendly trainers who really seem interested in helping me to improve my physical condition."

Mar 25, 2018 by A. H.
"Great approach to getting back in shape. The right amount of push by great trainers makes this all worthwhile. Significant improvement in overall physical fitness in only a few months. "

Mar 20, 2018 by N. H.
"My trainers, Tom and Beth, are fantastic. They are friendly, caring and very knowledgeable. "

Mar 8, 2018 by A. K.
"1-on-1 interactions Trainer being up to date on my progress Trainer making me away of my program, changes in it, reasons for the modifications, etc. Flexibility in scheduling "

Feb 11, 2018 by K. C.
"Personalized instruction. Ability to adjust workouts based on what my body needs or how it feels. I am feeling significantly stronger. "

Reviews Provided by Listen360