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Private Training Gets Results. Gimmicks Don't.

Our staff of certified personal trainers will create and implement an effective exercise routine centered around three main components:

In designing a custom fitness program with a Fitness Together personal trainer, you begin to understand why our clients keep at it long after others have dropped out of their gym. You have your own fitness goals.


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Fitness Together 905 NE Woods Chapel Rd
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Fitness Together 13370 Metcalf Ave
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John L.

John's Story:

I joined Fitness Together a little over three years ago.  I was searching for something different to achieve my fitness goals. 

Prior to joining I lived a sedentary life coupled with poor eating habits.   I was the epitome of the “yoyo” dieter and exerciser.  My efforts to lose weight equated to extreme diet and exercise.  Like many, I would see results fast but in a matter of months I would be back to my old ways and old weight.

The first step to achieving the long-term results I desired, was to find a workout regimen that was realistic, sustainable and consistent.  It would hold me accountable by regularly scheduled appointments and test me physically each and every session.  I found that with Fitness Together.

The second step was to fully commit to myself and my health, especially when it came to the fuel I was providing my body.  Gretchen and her team educated me on the proper foods for recovery, fat loss and muscle building.  They showed me it didn’t have to be “all or nothing” when it came to eating.

The underlying theme in all of this--moderation and consistency. 

I have 3 training sessions per week and I eat a relatively moderate diet paying close attention to calorie intake, but never depriving myself of the occasional pizza or burger.  In the last eight months I’ve dropped 27 lbs*., decreased my waist measurement by 6 inches, and my total body fat percentage went from 25% to 12.25%.*

One thing is for sure, I would never have achieved these results without the team from Fitness Together.

John Lovell