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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

George Vernet

Topsfield, MA

George’s wife Ann helped George to jump start his fitness program by starting him and her on a family plan almost a year and a half ago. Being an avid golfer in the warmer months and a skier in the winter, George works out to get into the best physical condition so that he can maintain his peak performance throughout each season. His workouts consist of challenging strength, cardiovascular and flexibility programs. After working out for over a year he experiences far less back pain – always a positive thing for a golfer!

With the winter months coming to an end (FINALLY), George has been skiing at his house up North more weekends than he has been home in Topsfield watching TV. All his hard work over the past year has enabled him to keep up this tough skiing regiment throughout this long winter, keeping up with the entire family, including his kids!

George’s overall fitness continues to markedly improve. His trainers have been pushing him hard on balance, flexibility and strength for the upcoming golf season.

George is a fantastic example of what can be accomplished AND maintained with a little motivation and effort. George is happy to have his schedule time because it “makes me work out”, and with all the working out that he does at Fitness Together he is “feeling better and stronger.” If any of his friends were considering becoming a Fitness Together client, George wouldn’t give them a speech to talk about their benefits he would merely say with three simple words he would say to “JUST DO IT.”

Thanks George, keep it up!!!

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Eric Olson

Boxford, MA

“I appreciate the opportunity to share a few thoughts in writing because the picture won’t tell the whole story.

When I started with FT 12 months and 25 pounds ago, my two year goal was to rebuild a foundation in year one and then to build a higher level of fitness in year two.* With the help of the exceptional trainers in Topsfield, we have reached our first year goal. My weight is down, my blood pressure is excellent, and I feel better than I have since I ran my last marathon in 1998.

What I have enjoyed most about my experience in the Topsfield FT is the relationship I have developed with the entire staff there. To a person they have pushed, pulled, and motivated me to work hard and to stick to our two year plan. They are always professional, prepared, and they have inspired me to keep going. This is the best investment I have ever made (and I’m in the investment business), and I am so thankful to Matt and the entire group in Topsfield!!”

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After *

~ Dr. Jason Harris

As a physician, I understand how important weight management is to overall health. For several years, however, I struggled to keep my own weight at a healthy level. When I decided it was time to make a change, I knew that the only healthy and permanent way to lose weight was to eat fewer calories, increase my cardiovascular exercise and make weight training a priority in my life. Over the past year, I have dedicated myself to these goals. As a result, I’ve shed over 80 pounds, and I feel I’m in the best physical condition of my life.* In addition, my blood pressure normalized, my energy levels skyrocketed, and my self-consciousness melted away.*

Study after study in the medical community prove that weight training plays a key role in any attempt to lose weight or improve one’s cardiovascular health. Initially, I tried weight training on my own, but I needed the benefits that personal training can offer, including expertise, motivation, safety, and appropriate goal setting.

Fitness Together has played a key role in my transformation over the past year. I get a more efficient workout than I could achieve on my own, along with added benefits of flexibility and core training. Beyond the superior training I receive, the team at Fitness Together has gone out of their way to personalize my experience. The staff is always motivating, friendly, and respectful. They work with my hectic schedule and tailor my workouts to achieve my specific training goals. In addition, Fitness Together offers nutrition and exercise counseling to ensure your success, and periodic fitness assessments to objectively track your progress. For those serious about making a position change in their health, I highly recomment Fitness Together, as a physician and as a client who has seen Fitness Together make a positive difference in my own life.

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