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Make it Rain- how to get endorphins goin' on a gloomy day

May 5, 2017

Here at Fitness Together, we like endorphins. You could even say we’re a little obsessed with them. Because aside from healing injuries, maintaining bone density, achieving athletic feats and reaching aesthetic goals, there’s an overwhelming reason why we love exercise...IT FEELS GOOD.

And on some days, when the squatting stars align, it feels GREAT.

So we know it’s good for us and know it makes us feel great...but what about those cloudy days when endorphins seem far away and fitness motivation feels impossible? Taking a look at the forecast ahead, we all may literally experience this over the next 10 days (have you taken a look at your iphone...holy drizzles).

Yes there are certainly some days (or weeks!) when we feel a literal or figurative cloud obstructing our fitness sunlight. We know we should get the sweat flyin’ since it will make us feel better but gosh it can be hard on a gloomy spring day.

Not to fear burpee-ing beauts. There are ways to get that fitness mojo back and get those clouds to rain endorphins. We compiled some ideas to get you out the door and into some feel good vibes.

  • Unconventional Endorphins: laser tag, rock climbing, ice skating, trampoline park, trapeze...these unique activities can burn calories, prompt smiles and leave you feeling great long after you leave their offbeat arena.

  • Knee Slapper: is there anything better than laughing? Hmmm maybe laughing whilst producing endorphins for a delightful double whammy of awesome? Download a favorite funny sitcom, check out comedy specials on Netflix or try out a comedian on Pandora and head to your choice of cardio equipment. We promise laughing minutes DO go faster than treadmill minutes.

  • Novel is Nice: you may have a favorite yoga class but when the inner fire is dwindling you may need to try something new. Check out Groupon for a new spin, bootcamp or pilates class. While it may not be your new go-to, the novelty can nudge you past this slump.

  • Dance: while cooking, cleaning, at your kid’s soccer games (soccer little tyke), with your dog, wherever...throw on tunes that you can’t help but move to and get jiggy with it.

  • Phone a Friend: simply having a friend alongside can make those groggy, cloud filled days a heck of a lot easier. What better way to catch up than a dual elliptical session?!

While it may seem like these clouds are here to stay, there are many ways to push past the overcast and get your endorphins flying. Let’s make it rain Fitness Together, make it rain.


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