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June 1st- Are You Ready?

Jun 1, 2017

Alas, June 1st.

The first day of June has always had an unofficial “start to summer” feel to it, hasn’t it? While the farmer’s almanac says we must wait 20 more days for a proper commencement, this day marks the lifelong countdown to all things summer.

Here at FT Topsfield, we’re going to ask you to pay especially close to this particular day with a bold and perhaps unsettling question:

Are you ready for summer?

Now the answer may seem obvious- who doesn’t love long days, tan lines and popsicles? But, we’re going to dive a little deeper.

Are you going to feel GOOD about yourself this summer?

Now, we hope that answer is still “YES!” but we know from years of experience, this may not be the case for you.

We have heard countless, honest tales when eager individuals come to us on cold winter days- “this summer is going to be different, I’m going to rock that tank top! I have 4 months to get ready, this is the year I WILL feel good on the beach.”

...and then June 1st comes along and they are ready to throw in the beach towel, referencing long work days, family schedules and stress as reasons they’re not excited to pop on their trunks.

If this sounds familiar, we’re going to ask you for a favor.

Write it down. Write down how you’re feeling today, the unofficial “deadline” you set during a motivated moment 3 months ago. Be honest with yourself. If you feel like a tired bloated whale, jot it down. If you feel disappointed you didn’t meet your mark, put that pen to paper.

It’s a tough question for us to ask but we do it for good reason.

...we have a little secret.

Today is not your deadline. There is no cutoff to healthy living.

It may be however, a wake-up call.

It’s normal and necessary to set timelines and goals but the tricky thing about them is that when unmet, it’s easy to throw it all away. It would be incredibly easy to say, “fork it” today and reach for the ruffled potato chips, “ready” for another summer of discomfort, fatigue and guilt.

We don’t want you to do that.

We want you to write down these feelings and take a peek at ‘em when you’re thinking about ditching your workout or reaching for a second bowl of ice cream.

We want you to acknowledge that maybe you’re not meeting this summer with those chiseled abs and rock star confidence you dreamt about but meeting it with the awareness of someone who could’ve failed, but instead prevailed.

And here’s another little secret- resilience, and choosing the hard over the easy, is stronger than any muscle in the world.


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