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Our Owners

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker


My name is Kevin Baker and I am the proud owner of three Fitness Together studios in Southeast Wisconsin. Between Brookfield, Third Ward (downtown Milwaukee), and Wauwatosa we keep busy staying connected to our team and our great clients.

My wife, Shelley, and I have been Fitness Together clients since 2015, starting our FT journey as we were early in the pregnancy of our daughter. The transformation which we have personally experienced in our lives is not only amazing (almost unreal) but now ingrained in the choices we make day-in and day-out.

The most incredible part of my relationship with FT is that my fitness growth has been inspiring and influential to others. I have seen firsthand how family and friends have made changes in their lives after witnessing the awesome results I have achieved. I know the experience and benefits of the Fitness Together model, along with the top-notch team of trainers, are the key to achieving such results.

I have been a "summer" runner since 2011, completing several 5K races, 5K mud run, half marathon, and multiple national-series mud/obstacle runs. I finally convinced Shelley to join the team in 2017 and she is now hooked, too. We are already signed up for the next event and our daughter is already planning her first... in just a few years!