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Fitness Together® East Greenwich Transforms Young Professional's Life*

When something you never expected changes the way you live and positively affects your outlook on life, the experience can be powerful and completely life-altering.

For Cassy Dow, 28, exercise snuck into her life when she wasn’t looking less than a year ago and completely transformed her from someone who always put other people’s needs in front of her own to someone 30 pounds lighter who has made it a priority to take care of herself first by being active and healthy.

“I don’t know why my brain clicked at that moment. But I made working out a priority a little less than a year ago,” shares Cassy. "I realized that I had to take care of myself first. I committed to myself that I was going to do this because no else was going to do it for me.”

For Cassy's first 27 years, exercising was non-existent in her busy, career-driven lifestyle. She relied on the common excuse that she didn’t have enough time to work out and she thought she was fine weighing 220 pounds and living a high-stress, low-activity manner.

It wasn’t until after she started working out with a team of trainers at the Fitness Together® East Greenwich studio and looked at her before-and-after pictures that she realized how unhealthy she was before starting to exercise.

“Cassy started at the studio in September of 2013 and her goals were to lose weight, look better, feel better, improve her diet and improve her overall general fitness,” explains Robin Ball, personal trainer and studio owner at Fitness Together East Greenwich. “She’s halfway to her weight loss goal. But the biggest changes we’ve seen in Cassy are improved self-esteem, strength and endurance.

"We could all see the changes in Cassy. But it was the most rewarding when Cassy put before and after pictures next to each other and she herself saw the difference.”

“The moment I met Robin, I fell in love with her,” exclaims Cassy. “The team I work out with is amazing. They are unbelievable and I love every single one of my trainers. They push me in ways that no one else can.

"My friends and family say I look amazing and I give my trainers a ton of the credit. I don’t think I could ever express how important my trainers are to my life.”

Cassy knows herself well enough to know that she has to work out in the mornings or she’ll easily talk herself out of it as the day goes on. Cassy wakes up early twice a week for one-on-one personal training sessions with Fitness Together’s team of trainers and she does individual cardio workouts four times a week as well.

Initially, the trainers worked with Cassy on light weight exercises and helped her with her form. Every six to eight weeks, Cassy undergoes an assessment and the trainers adjust her workouts as she gets stronger and her resting heart rate gets lower.

“All of the exercises are challenging at first. But then they start to grow on me,” explains Cassy. “Push-ups weren’t something I could do before. The first time I did a pull-up, I never wanted to do that exercise again. But, now, I can do push-ups and I’ve realized that pull-ups aren’t all that bad.

“A year ago, I may have been able to do a little nature hike. But never hike up a 4,000-foot mountain,” continues Cassy. “And biking a long distance would have been totally out of the question.

"Yesterday, my boyfriend and I did a 15-mile bike ride together and I was so proud of what we had accomplished. My legs were killing me after the ride, but I was still able to push through my workout the next day.”

In addition to the fitness training Cassy has received from her Fitness Together® trainers, she also has benefited from the Nutrition Together® program that teaches about proper portion sizes, making healthy food choices and food journaling. Cassy had tried other nutrition and diet programs before, but she was more successful with Fitness Together’s approach because it helped her realize all of the little things about nutrition that you may not think about, but can end up making a big difference in your weight loss results.

“I work out with all of the trainers and I did nutrition training with all of them, too,” shares Cassy. “It was nice to be able to pull from the knowledge of all of the trainers and learn different fitness and nutrition tricks from each of them. Having a team of trainers has been so helpful.”

In less than a year, living a healthy and fit lifestyle has become a routine for Cassy and something she looks forward to day in and day out. Even when she thinks about skipping a workout, she ultimately shows up because of the accountability she has from her trainers and the personal understanding that she will feel horrible for the rest of the day if she skips a workout.

Sharing memorable experiences with her active boyfriend also motivates her to keep going strong. And, she loves the new person she has become both internally and externally during her health and fitness journey.

“I’m a happier, healthier version of me,” shares Cassy. “I love this new version of me. I think it’s absolutely amazing. I want everyone to be as healthy and happy as me because that’s where I’m at right now.

"I never thought fitness would be so important and so much a part of my life. It’s so cool how much I love it now. I feel like all of my hard work has definitely paid off.”