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Owner, Certified Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Lennard and I am the proud owner of Fitness Together Steele Creek.

Fitness and being active have been an important part of my life ever since I started playing soccer at the age of five.

An unfortunate knee injury ended my soccer career at the age of 18. After Surgery and Physical Therapy my strength still wasn’t where it used to be and I joined the local gym to continue to rehabilitate the injury on my own by building up additional strength and flexibility.

Having pursued Triathlon for a few years in my early to mid-twenties, I then continued to focus on classical Strength and Endurance Training as I was building a career in Information Technology. However, Fitness remained my passion and I continued to exercise and run 5-6 times per week.

After 20+ years in the Information Technology field and the Corporate World, I started to feel the impact of continuous stress to my overall health and well-being and realized that I had to make a Lifestyle change.

Focusing on what has always been an important part of my life was the natural next step and as the opportunity presented itself, I retired from my job in Information Technology and acquired Fitness Together Steele Creek.

My wife, our three children, our dogs and I have been living in Steele Creek since 2005 and it is now the place we call home.

At Fitness Together I get to work with many great people every day, and I have the opportunity to help them achieve their fitness and health goals, right here in our community.

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