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Which Diet is Best For You?

Mar 27, 2015

Chances are you can name at least 5 different diets you have heard of in recent years. Whether it’s organic, heart healthy, vegan, gluten free, paleo, low carb or whatever else, people tend to think their diet is the best. Each diet has its perks and should have some scientific evidence supporting its claims. However, can you really be sure about what works when there are so many different diets out there? Many of these diets may help people achieve their goals, but you cannot assume it works for everyone. The truth is that we are all different and there is no one diet that trumps all the others.

Your nutrition is very important if you want to live a long and healthy life. There are the basic necessities of getting the appropriate amounts of nutrients and calories to support a healthy metabolism, but you can also eat for a desired physiological or physical adaptation. This is all determined by what your specific needs are as an individual. Find out what your diet requires by doing a needs analysis. List every adaptation you are trying to achieve, disease you are trying to prevent, or other specific health benefit that you want. With the right education, your diet can be completely customized to address every one of your goals and your food choices should represent all the items on your list. If you care about your body and your quality of life you should care about what you put in it.


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