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Top 5 Pandora Workout Stations At FT South End

Jun 26, 2015

Music is one of the best ways to invigorate your workouts! Listening to upbeat music can get you to work harder and can give you motivation without having to do much thinking. Typically for workouts you would listen to something with a fast tempo, most clients request something that will make them want to dance. Dance music works so well because it is engineered to make you want to move. Listening to slow or mellow music seems to have the opposite effect. The volume of your music and the intensity of the song can also improve how you feel about exercising and can provide a quick burst of energy to get through a set.

Here at Fitness Together of the South End we let our clients pick the tunes, and we listen to great workout music all day long. We would like to share a few of our favorite Pandora stations with you. You can use these stations in your own solo workout routines for a boost of energy just like we do.

  1. Calvin Harris Radio: plays an assortment of EDM and pop/dance remixes with a lot of crowd pleasing favorites.

2. Today’s Dance Hits Radio: Plays an assortment of all types of modern dance music; from pop to trap and dubstep tunes. This is a great station to discover new artists.

3. Classic hip hop Radio: Who doesn’t like some good old school rap and hip hop? This station plays hip hop from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. This station plays a lot of good head bobbing beats and can give you a sense of toughness.

4. Keys N’ Krates Radio: plays trap and EDM. This station is definitely more of the hardcore side of the dance genre. Heavy bass with fast paced hip hop-like instrumentals.

5. Indie Dance Party Radio: Plays indie rock and dance music and indie remixes. This station is the energized side of indie music.


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