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Tips To Increase Your Energy Expenditure

Oct 6, 2015

A sedentary lifestyle puts you more at risk for weight gain, heart disease, metabolic disorders, and many other chronic diseases. It is in everyone’s best interest to cram as much physical activity as possible into their everyday lives. Even if you exercise regularly, you may not be doing enough to combat long periods of sitting or inactivity during other days of your day. Getting more activity in your day does not need to be complicated. Focus on doing what you can, when/ where you can, with what you’ve got.

Here are some tips to increase your energy expenditure:

Use a pedometer- pedometers have skyrocketed in popularity recently. Today we have phones, watches, Fitbits, and even heart rate monitors all with pedometers built in. A general goal of 10,000 steps per day is a great start.

Set a reminder to stand up and move around every hour- Break up those long periods of rest with a quick trip to get more water, do a lap around the office, or even do some squats in your chair.

Take the stairs - Taking the stairs is great exercise and might even make you break a sweat or get you breathing faster. If you have a lot of floors to travel maybe take the elevator, but get off a few floors early and hike the rest of the way.

Walk instead of drive/ commute - In the city we have the density that allows for walking to be a time efficient form of travel. Next time instead of taking a $5 Uber ride hit the pavement for extra burn.

Set a goal for yourself- Promise yourself that you will sweat at least once every day! If you are active to the point of sweating, your body is working pretty hard. Sweating detoxifies the body!

Even the smallest amounts of additional physical activity will add up to potentially hundreds more calories burned per day!


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