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Smart Goal Setting Starts With A Needs Analysis

Dec 29, 2015

A needs analysis is the first step of good goal setting. The needs analysis is simply an analysis of what you need in order to be successful in pursuing your goals. Science has taught us that there is always a specific adaptation for each imposed demand we place on the body, called the SAID principle (specific adaptation for imposed demand). The needs analysis will ensure that what you plan to do for your fitness program will actually yield the results you are expecting.

To begin your analysis first think about all the results you want. Be specific and write them down. The results you desire will determine what your fitness program will consist of. The second step may require the assistance of your personal trainer; nevertheless you must make a plan step by step of exactly how you will achieve your results. Make sure each step is measurable and still fits the SAID principle. For example for a weight loss and muscle tone goal you may decide that you want to lose a pound per week, which means a deficit of 500 calories per day. The deficit is created by cardiovascular exercise 4 times per week strength training 4 times per week, and caloric restriction to a 2000 cal/day diet etc.

Your needs analysis should be very thorough, and should account for anything which may impact your results. This includes exercise choice, duration, frequency, and intensity as well as nutritional aspects like food choices, portion sizes, dietary restrictions, intolerance, body composition goals, and caloric balance. If you have any questions regarding your specific needs contact your personal trainer!


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