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Heat vs. Cold Therapy

Mar 20, 2015

Even without an injury we all have aches and pains sometimes. We often look for home remedies or exercises we can do the offer some relief. Aside from painkillers, stretches, and exercises, ice and heat therapy can effectively reduce your aches and pains and is super cheap and easy to apply.

Cold therapy can numb sharp pains and will reduce the swelling or inflammation in the applied area. There are a number of different ways to apply cold therapy, but make sure you don’t do it for too long. 15-20 minutes should be all it takes to achieve numbness of the area. Cold therapy is better for injuries that immediately result in inflammation and swelling, such as a sprained ankle.

Heat therapy will help relax tight and aching muscles or joints. Repetitive activities and recovering from injuries can cause a lot of tension in the muscles. Heat will help deliver blood to the area and loosen the surrounding tissues. Heat therapy can be applied for longer periods of time than cold, and there are a variety of methods to deliver heat. For example heat therapy would work well to ease back pain caused by tight muscles.

Be sure to read all the instructions on any product you may use when applying heat or cold to your body.

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