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Get Motivated, Be Consistent, Get Results

Jul 1, 2014

Does a lack of motivation ever keep you from exercising? If you don’t have a personal trainer keeping you accountable, it can be very difficult to get to the gym on days when motivation is at a low. Staying mentally strong is a huge factor in motivation. Here’s the breakdown of some helpful tips to keep you consistent and motivated.

The first secret is to figure out why you want to exercise. Think deeply about what you want to achieve long term and what is really important to you. Second you must make an initial commitment to follow through with the decision to exercise even when the excitement is gone. Commit when you are ready and stop feeling guilty about not following through.

Goal setting and goal visualization will keep you focused on your priorities. Set realistic, measurable, long and short term goals. Set a smaller goal each day to build towards a larger one, and always make sure you can measure your progress. If you have a personal trainer they will monitor your progress and can make adjustments to your exercise program as needed. Track your progress by writing down the progression towards your goals and chart your daily achievements. Keep visual reminders of past accomplishments. Give yourself objective feedback like how many calories you burned, your heart rate during a workout, a pedometer counting the number of steps taken in a day to represent movement and energy expenditure. Objective feedback can become a fun game in which you challenge yourself to hit your numbers.

Avoid an all or nothing mentality. Give yourself flexibility and options to stick to your routine. The most important tip to stay motivated and consistent is to be accountable. Evidence suggests that people with support systems have a much greater affinity for exercise. Accountability means that at the end of the day you are responsible for your decisions, actions and, consequences. Sometimes utilizing others such as a family member or a personal trainer to help hold you accountable is a good idea. Use these tips in your routine and stay motivated you will be amazed at what


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