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Don’t Drink Your Calories!

Aug 28, 2014

The average American’s diet contains tons of sugary drinks. Sodas, sweetened waters and milks, coffee beverages, juices, and energy drinks are common to most people. We all know refined sugar is an enemy in the battle to lose weight, but even if you are counting calories you are wasting your time with these beverages. You may be under the impression that drinking fruit juices is healthy. Clients ask me all the time if the local juice bar is a healthy choice to get more nutrients. You can probably guess that eating an orange is a healthier choice than drinking orange juice. The same goes for all other beverages as well.

Let’s get one thing straight; our bodies are meant to consume real foods that come from nature. These whole foods give us the greatest advantage to absorb as many nutrients as possible. That being said, if a lean physique is your goal, then you must cut these sugary drinks out of your diet! “A study of 810 adults between 25 and 79 years old showed that after 18 months, those who cut out sweet drinks had greater weight loss than those who cut down on food calories.” One reason may be that your body’s signals letting you know you are full do not work very well for liquids compared to the response from whole foods. There is no way to tell when you have had enough sustenance from fluids.

Substitute the juices for the real food. The real thing has no added sugar, more fiber, and gives you a better chance at absorbing more nutrients. Instead of sugary waters and milks go for the lowest calorie version or a sugar free flavored beverage. Sugary coffee, teas, and energy drinks contain caffeine and when that and the sugar wears off you will be craving more, which is never helpful when dieting. Keep caffeinated drinks as simple as can be. Above all, water is your best bet. Water hydrates you, and supports a fast metabolism.


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