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Does Your Posture Need a Reset?

Sep 1, 2015

Personal trainers are always looking at your posture, analyzing incorrect movements, and seeking out ways to improve them in clients. During exercise many may refer to this as correct form. Poor posture in everyday life can lead to muscle dysfunction, joint pain, injury, and if left uncorrected poor posture may become permanent.
At the shoulder the most common postural distortion is a rounding forward. This can be due to tight anterior shoulder muscles, and/or weak posterior shoulder muscles. In everyday life we do most activities in front of us which also can contributes to rounded shoulders.
The fix is a combination of strength and flexibility training, as well as continuously reminding yourself to reset to good posture. Posture can be strengthened by training the posterior muscles of the shoulder in motions such as scapular retraction (squeezing together towards the spine), external rotation, and depression (dropping the shoulder blades down the back). To loosen up, stretch the large muscles that act on the shoulder such as the chest, anterior deltoid, latissimus dorsi( back), and upper trapezius muscle.
Part of the battle is recognizing when you are in a bad position. Get into the habit of checking your body position and getting a sense of where your shoulders are in relation to your body. Reset your posture by rolling the shoulders forward, then up, back and then down the back. Make sure your chest is open shoulder blades are back and down. Good posture takes practice, but is easy to do.


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