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Biggest Mistakes While Working Out

Aug 5, 2015

Any amount of exercise is better than no exercise at all, but many people make mistakes within their workouts that may be holding them back or putting them at risk for injury. Common mistakes are easily corrected with the right information.

While doing cardiovascular exercise avoid slouching over the machine. Your spine's support is compromised in this position and may lead to injury, and lower back pain. Holding on too tight to the cardio equipment is cheating, lowering intensity and contributes to bad posture.

Many claim that if you cannot carry on a conversation while doing cardio you are working too hard. This isn't entirely true and high intensity exercise has many benefits. If you like to talk or read while you workout, remember to keep on pace and don't let distractions keep you from working hard.

Holding additional weight while walking, running, and performing other forms of cardiovascular exercise often does more harm than good. It alters your gait and posture adding stress and potential for injury to your joints.

Cardio should not be the only form of exercise you do. Resistance training is the most important exercise form to maintain lean muscle mass. Make sure you do reps at a slow and controlled rate and always exhale during the hardest part of the lift. Flex your abdominal muscles when lifting. It stabilizes your core and can tone your abs at the same time.

If using machines always adjust the settings to fit your body to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly in the right orientation.

Stretching before a workout may be a mechanism of injury. Stretching after a workout or at a separate occasion is most beneficial, and never bounce to stretch!

If you are feeling bored try finding a workout partner to stay entertained.

If you don't know by now, there is no quick fix to becoming healthy. So don't do a large amount of training before you are ready. Too much too soon may actually cause you physical harm and you will be debilitated for a few days.

Skipping a warm up, or a cool down is a big mistake. Warming up prepares your body for exercise and a cool down prepares your body to recover.

Be sure to drink water while exercising. As you sweat and become dehydrated, the concentrations of chemicals in your body change and may lead to cramps, heat sickness, and in extreme cases death.

Follow these tips to improve the quality of your workout.


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