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6 Different Ways to Use Protein Powder

Jun 19, 2015

Supplementing with protein powders is a great way to add more protein to your diet. There are many ways you can use a protein powder other than just mixing up boring old shakes. Here are a few ideas of other ways you can use protein powder to give foods a boost in protein.

  1. Protein Pancakes: mix flavored or unflavored protein powder into your pancake batter. You can find a ton of delicious protein pancake recipes with a simple online search.
  2. Coffee or hot chocolate: mix flavored or unflavored protein into coffee or hot chocolate. Eating protein for breakfast is the best way to start your day. If you have a hard time eating breakfast but never skip the morning coffee, give this a try.
  3. Dips: mix unflavored protein powder into fat free sour cream and add your favorite spices for a protein packed healthy dip. (to be used with veggies, not potato chips)
  4. Protein oatmeal: Jesse calls it Prot-meal. Mix your favorite protein powder into you oatmeal for a delicious breakfast. The complex carbs in the oatmeal combined with the high protein content makes this an outstanding breakfast choice.
  5. Protein peanut butter balls: knead your favorite protein flavor into peanut butter and roll them into small balls and refrigerate. These are great anytime snacks.
  6. Yogurt with Fruit: add protein powder to yogurt and your favorite fruit and enjoy!


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