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5 Things That Athletes Do That You Should Too.

Jun 12, 2015

Athletes can teach you a lot about how to get fit. They are some of the hardest working people you will meet, and they know what it takes to get results. Even if you do not play a sport, if you were to behave more like an athlete you are more likely to be successful in fitness. Here are a few things athletes do that you should too!

  1. Athletes do not look for a quick fix. They are committed to the process of change, and understand that getting results takes hard work, and patience. Most athletes train to peak their performance for only a few months per year. The rest of the time is spent focusing on doing what needs to be done to get better.
  2. Athletes view food as fuel, and do not cut calories to lose weight. Food is energy which allows you to do work. If they eat more food, the athlete understands that they have more energy to work out. Many will eat a large meal before or even after a long, hard work out. If an athlete needs to lose weight the first thing they do is increase the amount of activity they do before cutting any calories. Cutting calories can put their hard earned muscles to waste.
  3. Athletes focus on improving performance, not physical appearance. Physical performance is extremely important in sport (duh). How they look is not. They are constantly training to improve performance, which means they are constantly increasing their work out intensity and avoiding plateaus. If you are making increases in performance there will be physical changes resulting in improved appearance as well.
  4. Athletes surround themselves with like-minded individuals, and those who are better than themselves. Whatever your goal is, if you train with someone better than you, they will push you to train up to their level. Athletes are usually on teams, and surround themselves with those who want to improve and those who have similar values as far as exercise and health goes.
  5. Athletes don’t let anything stand in the way of achieving their goals. The thought of their opponent out training, and outperforming them can be extremely motivating. An athlete has deadlines to meet, and people to defeat which means sometimes skipping a workout because they are tired is not an option. Nothing is more important to them than success.


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