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10 Things Every Weight Lifter Should be Able To Do

Sep 29, 2015

Often times when resistance training, people tend to do more of the exercises they enjoy doing, and are more likely to skip exercises they don’t like so much. It is never a good idea to leave any part of your body untrained. Neglecting specific movements or body parts leads to weaknesses, muscle imbalances, and injuries. Elite strength coach and former Olympian and T-Nation contributor, Dan John has developed a full body strength test using 10 simple exercises. The test is designed to identify weaknesses that you should then train to improve.

1 Bench press your body weight

This test separates beginners from intermediate level lifters. Mastering bodyweight on the barbell should be a goal for any barbell exercise.

2 Dead lift 2x your body weight

This tests grip strength, body mechanics (form), and how much work your body can do as a system. The deadlift is a full body movement and getting stronger in general will improve your dead lift.

3 hold a 2 minute plank

If you cannot do a two minute push up position plank, then your abdominal training is way off and needs more attention.

4 sleep with only one pillow

Sounds like an odd test, but this tests spinal posture, and can identify tight muscles of the neck and shoulder. If you need more than one pillow to feel comfortable in bed you have some tight muscles that need lengthening (stretching/foam rolling)

5 sit on floor without using hands, knees, or shins

This test is predictive of longevity of strength, flexibility, and coordination.

6 balance on one foot for 10 seconds

Balance is important for all tasks in life, and having good balance is an athletic quality.

7 hang for 30 seconds, and then pull up

Tests grip strength and back strength and can identify issues with the shoulder or spine.

8 broad jump your height

This could save your life! If you can’t jump you height, just start practicing.

9 30- second body weight squat and hold

Tests lower body strength, and squat posture.

10 farmers walk your body weight

This tests your “functional” strength and conditioning. Meaning in everyday life you can move stuff and do physical work without a problem.

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