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Reality Check

Reality Check

Scott Baumann

Reality check

As a personal trainer and now the operator of a busy fitness studio, I have seen my share of clients. Most are happy and some are not so happy. We love the happy ones but today let’s focus on the unhappy ones. Whether you are working out with us at FT, on your own or with your own personal trainer there are bound to be times when you are discouraged with your progress. I want to take a moment and address some of the most common concerns that I see.

If your goal is to lose weight and you are working out twice a week, you need to have a realistic understanding of what is involved in losing weight. To lose a substantial amount of weight and body fat, you need to be exercising at least four and preferably six times per week. If you are not doing that much, you should not be upset about not losing weight because it is almost impossible to do so without it! You should be doing weights/circuit training two or three times per week and additional cardio for at least thirty minutes for a minimum of three to four times in addition to your other workouts. If you are doing that, you can lose fat. And you still have to change your eating habits to a reduced calorie diet with healthy choices. I’ve said it a million times but you can exercise all you want and if you don’t eat properly, you will not lose weight. Period. So if you are working out hard (see next paragraph) at least four to six times per week and not losing weight, you are not eating properly. It is that simple. You are eating too much or the wrong foods or most likely both but the problem lies with your eating.

If you are getting disappointed with your weight loss or your fitness gains take a look at your workouts. Are you putting everything you have into them? Or are you going through the motions? Even with the guidance and push of a personal trainer, you need to push yourself. You need to try hard. It is hard work. Without hard work you will not get outstanding results. You know if you are working hard or not so if you are not, step it up!

Are you consistent? Without consistency, you will not get to where you want to be. Consistency is the key to results of every kind. Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility or cardiovascular endurance, you have to be consistent. If you miss a week of workouts every three weeks, you will not see outstanding results. You may not move backwards but you will not make much progress. You have to be consistent with your diet too. Eating clean for 4 days and then eating poorly all weekend will not cut it. You have to eat clean consistently for 2 to 3 months and you will be amazed at how your body will change! Believe me, I have been doing this for years and it is amazing when it is happening!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the glow of a happy client who is losing weight and getting fit. And it never fails that it is always the clients who are working the hardest, who are putting the most into it, who are the most consistent and who have the best attitude that are getting the best results. So get your attitude right, work hard, be consistent and get outstanding results!